Toto Drake II Review 2021

Toto Drake II Review

When it comes to buying a toilet, you won’t run out of choices. There are a number of different toilets on the market today, from one-piece and two-piece, to tankless and wall-hung. Toto toilets is one of the leading brands known for manufacturing high-quality and modern designed toilets.   If you want to buy a modern … Read more

American Standard VS Kohler Toilet

American standard vs kohler

In the US, both the American Standard and Kohler Toilets are renowned toilet brands. With more than 100 years of experience in the toilet industry, both American Standard and Kohler offer sleek designs, superior durability, and efficient toilets. Many people get confused in choosing between the American Standard and Kohler toilet. Some say, Kohler, while … Read more

How much does a toilet weigh?

How much does a toilet weigh

When homeowners are renovating a bathroom or installing a new toilet, they usually emphasize the toilet flushing system, design, and forget smaller details.  People often don’t consider knowing how much does a toilet weigh? The toilets are heavy lifting plumbing products, often requiring more than one person to lift and install them.  So, the question … Read more

Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review 2021

Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review

In the US, Kohler is the top-selling toilet brand. Kohler’s toilets are known for their quality and reliability; they are among the most trusted brands in the market. The Kohler is a complete combination of traditional design and modern features. In this Kohler Memoirs toilet review, we will look at Kohler’s iconic model’s features. Please … Read more

Toto Vespin II Review

Choosing the right toilet is not an easy task. A buyer needs to consider many factors. In, US, Toto is the leading name in manufacturing bathroom fixtures. They produce bathtubs, sinks. However, they have an exceptional reputation for convenient and comfortable toilets. Toto has successfully engineered many toilet models; Drake, Ultramax, G400, Toto Vepsin, etc. … Read more

Toto UltraMax II Review

Toto UltraMax II Review

Are you finding a modern and high-quality flushing toilet for your bathroom? But, not sure which one to choose? We have a suitable and modern toilet, the Toto Ultramax II. This Toto toilet comes with all the essential features one can dream of. The UltraMax II is accredited by WaterSense, ADA, CAL Green, and CEC. … Read more

TOTO Eco Ultramax Review in 2021

TOTO Eco Ultramax Review

Toto has been manufacturing some of the most advanced and quality toilets. The Toto Eco Ultra max elongated toilet reduces bathroom consumption by up to 80% thus making our environment safe. The Toto Eco Ultramax ADA compliant is a one-piece toilet. The unit comes with all the essential features a person dream of in a … Read more Protection Status