American Standard Champion 4 Review

American Standard is among the top toilet manufacturer alongside Kohler and Toto. They are known for the modern designs and manufacturing of high-quality toilets at a considerably low price. American Standard Champion 4 is one of their popular toilet available in the market. 

American Standard Champion 4 is not just one toilet. It’s a complete range of toilets. Since the release of champion 4, the company has consistently improved and keeps on making better variants. The Champion 4 collection includes modern, contemporary toiles, round and elongated shaped, one-piece and two, right and comfort heigh toilet. These toilets offer comfort, exceptional performance, and, most importantly, low maintenance cost. 

This American Standard Champion 4 review article will do a detailed analysis and discuss American standard champion 4 specs and features.

Why buy American Standard Champion 4 Toilet?

  • Robust Flushing mechanism
  • EverClean glaze for smooth toilet cleaning
  • Large trapway ensure the toilet doesn’t clog
  • Low Water Consumption 1.6 GPF
  • ADA Compliant seat accommodate Seniors and tall people
  • 10-year limited warranty

American standard champion 4 toilet

American Standard Champion 4 specs Table

American Standard Champion 4 Features
Model Number 2034.014.020
Material Vitreous China
Rough-In 12-Inches
MAP Testing Score
>= 1000 (Highly Recommended)
EverClean surface
Comfort Height Yes
Trapway 2-3/8″
Rim Height 16-1/2″
Bowl Shape Elongated
Water Consumption 1.6 GPF
Weight  119-Pounds
Dimensions 29.8 x 17.8 x 29.5 inches
Warranty Limited 10-Years 

American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Review

Toilet Design

The Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet and cistern combined. It is made of vitreous china with an Ever Clean coating. The Ever Clean finish is specially designed to reduce staining and inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew. The Ever Clean finish leads to reduced cleaning efforts and makes it difficult for the toilet to get clogged. 

Flushing Mechanism

American Standard Champion 4 is a single flush system. The performance of gravity-fed flush depends on the flush valve and trap way. Unlike other flushing systems, Champion 4 has a patented four-inch flush valve. The toilet valve allows water to come three times more potent than the toilets with a standard two-inch flush valve. 

The PowerWash rim sends pressurized water in all the bowl sections, ensuring the bowl is thoroughly washed. The Champion 4 large trap way ensures that more waste can easily be removed in a single flush, preventing toilet clogging. 

In an independent flush test, champion 4 managed to score industry best of 1000 MaP. To prove the flushing system’s effectiveness, the manufacturer flushed a bucket of golf balls. To the surprise, the balls disappeared down with no clogging.

Water Consumption

American Standard puts a lot of emphasis on manufacturing environment-friendly toilets. The Champion 4 uses 1.6 gallons per flush, ensuring the toilet is following EPA guideline. The low water consumption will significantly reduce the toilet water billing. 

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Comfort Height

The American Standard Champion 4 is an ADA compliant toilet. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies a toilet seat should be 17 to 19 inches high from the ground.

The ADA compliant toilets are also referred to as comfort, chair, and universal height toilets. The Champion 4 has a bowl rim height of 16.5 inches. When the seat is installed, the height reaches 17.5 inches. 

The ADA compliant toilets are very comfortable and easy to sit and stand, especially for the seniors and heightened people. Though the chair height toilets are an excellent option for seniors, many people still prefer standard height toilets. The American Standard Champion 4 also comes with normal height. It has a bowl rim height of 15 inches, suitable for kids and short people. 

EverClean Surface

The Champion 4 has a layer of American Standard’s patented EverClean glaze. It is the antimicrobial layer that inhibits mold and bacteria growth and prevents poop from sticking to the toilet surface. The EverClean makes the toilet surface smooth, making it impossible for the waste to stick on the toilet’s surface. It makes toilet cleaning an effortless task. The manufacturer recommends not to use chemicals as they can damage the EverClean coating. 

cleaning toilet

Ease of Installation

The American Standard Champion 4 is designed for quick installation. It can be installed on 12” rough-in. The Champion 4 toilet comes with essential things and an installation manual. Due to the one-piece design, it is more decadent than the two-piece designed toilets. The extra weight makes toilet installation a challenging task. An extra pair of hands will help position it over the rough out. Otherwise, the installation process is straightforward, secure to the floor, fit the seat, attach the water supply line. The Champion 4 toilet installation will take less than an hour. 


The American Standard Champion 4 comes with a 10-year warranty. The lengthy toilet warranty is the main selling point of American Standard toilets. The warranty covers everything from outer build to flushing mechanical parts. You shouldn’t have to worry about toilet repairing as they are made to last for a longer time.

SoftClose Seat

The American Standard Champion 4 comes with a soft closing seat. The slow-close hinge prevents fingers from getting caught in the toilet seat, and the seat slams on the bowl every time a toilet is used. 


American Standard Champion 4 is one of the best toilets in the market. The toilet has a robust flushing mechanism and consumes 1.6 GPF water. The EverClean surface prevents the growth of bacteria, making it easy to clean the toilet. The comfort height is an excellent option for seniors with bad back or leg problems. American Standard Champion comes with a soft close seat, the company offers a fantastic 10-year warranty.

We hope our American Standard Champion 4 toilet review gives you plenty of reasons for buying this amazing toilet. If we have missed anything about the champion 4 review or have any questions in your mind, write them down in the comment section.

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American Standard Champion 4 FAQ

How to clean the Champion 4?

For Cleaning American Standard Champion 4, you can use any toilet friendly cleaners. The use of avoiding and chemicals can damage the glazing.

What is the difference between a “right height” and the “Normal height” toilet?

A normal height toilet is 15-inches above the ground whereas a Righ height toilet is 16.5 inches above the ground. The comfort height toilet is ADA compliant.

What is the difference between the Champion 4 and the Champion Pro?

Both models share similar features, the differences are only cosmetic.

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