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Best 3 Hole Kitchen Faucets

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The kitchen faucet is a vital piece of equipment for cooking, hand-washing, and cleaning the kitchen space. A kitchen faucet designed to install in three holes is known as the best 3 hole kitchen faucet. Usually, these faucet handles are separate for hot and cold water. Finding the right kitchen faucet is never an easy task for those with no experience with them, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Our guide offers an honest overview of the best 3-hole kitchen faucets. Additionally, we’ll explain why these faucets are our top picks. We will also explain a buyer’s factors when choosing the best 3 hole kitchen faucets.

DELTA Faucet Kate Single-Handle Sink Faucet
DELTA Faucet Kate Single-Handle Sink Faucet
  • Leak Proof durability
  • Touch Clean Spray holes
  • Limited Life time warranty
Pfister G13310YY
Pfister G13310YY Kitchen Faucet
  • Durable and lead free finish
  • Lifetime warranty
  • IAPMO Certified
  • Advanced single contol ceramic disc valve
KOHLER K-596-CP Kitchen Faucets
  • 3-Function Spray HeadSPRAY HEAD:
  • DockNetic magnetic docking
  • Premium corrosion and tarnish resistant

DELTA Faucet Kate Single-Handle Sink Faucet

DELTA Kate 3 hole kitchen facuet

The Delta Kate Pull Down is our Best 3 hole kitchen faucet. The Kate Kitchen faucet features graceful curves that bring a clean, refined look and improve the kitchen’s elegance. It is available in two fabulous finishes, Chrome and Brilliance Stainless finishes. The product has a single handle and a soap dispenser integrated.

A magnetic docking system enables you to mount your sprayer precisely where it needs to be. It allows you to apply the water to the right spot, depending on what you are washing or showering. When the docked sprayer is kept in the same direction for a while, it won’t droop as other kitchen faucets do.

This 3 hole kitchen faucet is beyond the industry standard. This patented diamond seal technology hardly has any leakage potential. As stated in the user’s manual, it is designed to last for a double lifespan. The Two-function spray feature lets you smoothly switch between spraying and streaming. It allows you to complete the cleaning in less time with great ease.
With Delta faucet’s touch-clean spray holes, you can easily remove calcium and lime build-up without using chemical agents. Delta offers excellent customer support to its consumers. Furthermore, the company provides a limited lifetime warranty covering some spare parts and free repairing services.

  • Dishwashing is made easy with a magnetic docking system.
  • Leak-proof durability with diamond seal technology.
  • The spray holes are touch-clean.
  • Spare parts and repairs come with a lifetime warranty.
  • No major issues.

Best Pullout Kitchen Faucet – Pfister G13310YY

Best Pullout Kitchen Faucet – Pfister G13310YY

Pfister G13310YY takes the second spot in our Best 3 Hole Kitchen Faucets list. An entire line-up of Pfister faucets is available for the kitchen, laundry, lavatory, and shower/tub. The Pfister kitchen faucet has two spray modes for ease of use. The feature helps efficiently do kitchen chores.  Due to various finishing technologies, it can match any decoration in your kitchen. It comes in polished chrome, brushed nickel, Tuscan bronze, and white, all of which give a decent appearance that makes them stand out. 

The Pfister G13310YY 3 hole kitchen faucet is made of Lead-free materials. Keeping the UPC standard, the hygienically made product never spreads lead in flowing water. The International Plumbing Association approved a model for household use. The faucet pullout spray head has a toggle button to change the water flow mode. 

The Pullout spray head on which a toggle button rests changes the water flowing modes. The sweep sprayer water speed helps you clean washing jobs faster and easier. The stream sprayer is used to fill containers or jars quickly and efficiently.  A lifetime limited warranty is offered for any leak, defective material, drip, or product defect that leads to company defamation. 

  • The brass finish is lead-free and durable
  • IAPMO certified
  • The brass finish is lead-free and durable
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Easy to Install
  • No major issues.

High Arc Kitchen Faucet – KOHLER K-596-CP

3 hole High Arc Kitchen Faucet – KOHLER K-596-CP

Kohler stands third in our Best 3 Hole Kitchen Faucets. The company is a well-known brand in kitchen and bathroom accessories production. The innovative Kohler KOHLER K-596-CP fits all kinds of kitchen themes. The high-arc faucet rotates 360 degrees to wash the dishes in the kitchen efficiently. A button on the spray head can be operated even if your hands are wet or soapy. The Kohler model comes with a three-function spray head (Stream spray, Sweep spray, and Boost spray) which provides a fantastic experience.

With its hastily force, the stream fills your pans in no time, and from your rooftop, it appears to be a fog-tail in the ground. On the other hand, the sweeping spray has the capability of removing gunk or grime-like substances from pans and dishes. The angled nozzles create a powerful blade force for fast cleaning. With the Boost spray, you get a 30% increase in watering intensity.

The spray head is secured in place with a magnetic docking system. The kitchen faucet has a ceramic disc valve that surpasses the expectations of the company standard. The faucet material ensures the item will last long in delivering excellent performance. This stain-resistant kitchen faucet comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Three functions: Stream
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • No major issues.

Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets – Moen 7594SRS

Best 3 hole Kitchen Faucet – Moen 7594SRS

The luxury Moen Arbor faucet has been perfectly crafted. This transitional faucet works well with almost all the Kitchens. Featuring Moen’s exclusive PowerBoost technology, this pulldown spray wand lets you perform tasks quickly and easily. The faucet is designed with a single hole or three holes, so it takes up very little space in the kitchen, leaving much space for other items.

The spot-free stainless steel prevents calcium and lime build-up and dramatically enhances the faucet life. With Moen Arbor, you will have a sparkling kitchen look. The Duralock feature allows you to securely connect water lines in a matter of seconds.

Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets – Moen 7594SRS

The Moen faucet can easily install on the countertop or sink for a clean look. Model 7594 is compliant with ADA requirements (Americans with Disabilities Act) and certified by a third-party certified by IAPMO and CSA.

  • Spot Resist Stainless finish
  • Reflex system for smooth operation
  • Power Boost technology
  • ADA Compliant
  • Slighty Expensive

Things to Consider – Choosing the Best 3 hole kitchen faucets

As a buyer, you need to consider several aspects when choosing the Best 3 hole kitchen faucets; we have listed the major factors. You should consider picking the 3 hole kitchen faucet.

Faucet Size

The size of a kitchen faucet is something that every homeowner should consider. When selecting a model, you should make sure that it will fit comfortably into your sink and the available space. Also, make sure it’s not too high to block the upper cabinet doors.

Faucet Disc cartridge

A faucet’s cartridge is an essential part. It controls the water valve and makes the faucet turn on and off. Ceramic discs are the most commonly used cartridges, followed by compression cartridges and ball valves. Cartridges made of ceramic discs are newer, whereas compression presses are older. Make sure you don’t buy a plastic faucet if you opt to get a ball valve type. Stainless steel and brass are great options.

Construction and Valve Type

When getting a new kitchen faucet, it’s essential to consider its durability. You should ensure that your faucet will last as long as possible when you have paid a lot of money for it. Ensure that the faucet has good construction and a valve that will last a long time. Typically, compression valve types of faucets are the cheapest. Usually found in older faucets, this type of valve can only be found on faucets with two handles. 

It is better to use ceramic disks instead of metal valves. They function similarly to compression valves. These faucets require little maintenance; they are an excellent value for money. When it comes to faucet construction, choose a faucet with solid construction. The heavy-duty nature of brass makes it ideal for industrial environments because it won’t become limescale-clogged. It will allow you to avoid worrying about the quality of the water (Hard Water) or needing to replace the faucet too soon.

ADA compliance

ADA compliant sinks are the best choice for those with mobility issues as this allows them to be used independently without the aid of others.


The warranty duration and coverage should also be considered when buying a 3 Hole Kitchen Faucets. Some brands offer a limited lifetime warranty covering faucet working parts and the finish. The warranty will be void if you clean the tap with harsh chemicals.


With a good finish, a kitchen faucet elevates your kitchen décor. When choosing a kitchen faucet for your home, there are many different finishes to choose from. There is no denying the popularity of polished brass finishes. Polished brass provides a high-quality look and a timeless appeal. A polished brass faucet should cost more than a chrome faucet because polished brass is easy to clean and highly durable.

If polished brass is not your thing, you might consider satin brass. The satin brass finish has become increasingly popular in modern homes. The silver’s matte finish won’t show fingerprints or scratches, which makes polishing and cleaning a breeze. The satin brass finish is quite expensive and difficult to find.

The oil-rubbed bronze finish is a wonderful choice if you go for a more traditional kitchen style. Choosing chrome or nickel as an oil-rubbed bronze finish is a cheaper alternative. Chrome is a lighter color than polished nickel, which provides an elegant finish at an affordable price. Cleaning is easy, and it matches many styles, including contemporary and modern.

Faucet Type

To complement the design of your kitchen perfectly, you can choose from a wide variety of kitchen faucet types.  If the spout on the faucet is taller, you can easily reach taller pots and pans. As well as being narrow, these styles don’t take up much space. When clearance beneath the faucet is required, you should consider faucets with gooseneck styles.

A swivel head style faucet is also a valuable addition to your kitchen because they allow you to move the entire spout out of the way, allowing you to save space. The style of faucets can also be used in dual bowl sinks.

Choosing a wall-mounted faucet for your kitchen may be an ideal option if you want a more modern and convenient design. The wall-mounted unit has the plumbing concealed behind the wall finish, so it appears like the appliance is mounted on the wall. As a result, the sink and counter will have a cleaner finish, and the faucet can also be positioned at a convenient height for your use.


We hope that the above information on picking the 3 hole kitchen faucets has been helpful to you in picking the ideal kitchen faucet.

The Best 3 Hole Kitchen Faucets Will drastically change the appearance of your kitchen. Modern sink faucets are available with various accessories, making them easy to use. If you are still confused, pick the 3 hole kitchen sink faucet. We recommend you consider picking our Best 3 Hole Kitchen Faucet DELTA Faucet Kate Single-Handle Sink Faucet. 

Best 3 Hole Kitchen Faucets FAQ

  1. What is a 3 hole kitchen faucet?

    Three-hole kitchen faucets are also known as widespread kitchen faucets. Kitchen sink faucets with three holes need to be installed in three deck holes. 3 hole kitchen faucets have a plate covering the holes (called an escutcheon or deck plate).

  2. Is there a standard hole size for a kitchen sink faucet?

    Typically, the diameter of the hole varies between 1 inch and 3/8 inch. The faucet type helps you determine whether the kitchen faucet you plan to purchase will fit the holes in your existing sink.

  3. Are Delta faucets better than Moen?

    Considering the vast array of colors, technology, and price, the Delta is probably better than Moen.