Best American Standard Toilets in 2021

Toilets are the most crucial bathroom design element; choosing the right toilet can be an overwhelming experience. Companies like American Standard, Toto are continually introducing new technology. It gives homeowners and contractors a wide range of toilet models to choose from.

The best American Standard Toilets is the customer’s favorite toilet brand. Since its founding nearly 140 years ago, the company has grown and become a trustworthy toilet brand. The current American Standard catalog includes a wide range of toilets. Floor mount, commercial and self-cleaning bidets. Due to high performance, durability, and prices, people prefer to buy American Standard.

Top 5 Best American Standard Toilets in 2021

In this review guide, we deeply explore the pros and cons, specifications of some of the Best American Standard toilets. Before writing this review, we set out to look for the best American standard toilets. After in-depth analysis, we have compiled a list of the top flushing toilets. So, let’s take a look at some of the best American Standard toilets available in the market without any delay.

Image Product Features Price
American Standard H2Option American Standard H2Option

Dual Flushing System

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American Standard Cadet 3 American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle 

ADA Compliant

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American Standard Champion-4 American Standard Champion-4

3-inch trap way

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American Standard Fairfield American Standard Fairfield

EPA certified

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American Standard Cadet 3 American Standard Cadet 3

28 Water Consumption

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1. American Standard H2Option Symphonic Dual Toilet

If you are looking for a toilet that serves long-term, the American Standard Symphonic dual toilet is the right choice. This toilet has a wide range of features and unbeatable performance. It features partial or full flush. The partial flush consumes 1.0 GPF while full flush takes 1.6 GPF, making it an ultra-water-saver. Due to these qualities, it is certified by EPA WaterSense and MaP Premium.

The American Standard H2Option Symphonic dual toilet uses vitreous china as a crucial construction material. The reason for using vitreous china is the lower water absorption rate, which is approximately 0.5%. The lower the absorption rate means, the longer the toilet will serve.

Another innovation is the EverClean surface technology; it provides an ultra-smooth, mirror-like finish. The technology prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria on the toilet surface.

The toilet seat is 16½ inches high, 2 inches higher than standard toilet making. The universal height is perfect for the adults and the elder ones, thus making it ADA compliant.

The unit has a limited 2-year warranty; the toilet comes with two color-matched bolt caps to cover the bolt heads for a decent toilet look. It is a two-piece type and super easy to install. However, if you still find it difficult, get a local plumber for the job.


  • H2Option Dual-Flush System
  • PowerWash Rim
  • Jet-Powered Siphon
  • Speed-Connect
  • Limited 2-Year
  • Low Water Consumption
  • Dual Flushing System
  • Affordable price
  • Seat not included


2. American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle Toilet

American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle Toilet

This high-performing Cadet 3 is another American Standard compliant with ADA regulations. It is a two-piece toilet with all the luxurious available. The EverClean provides anti-bacterial protection and prevents unwanted residue from sticking to the toilet bowl.

The Cadet 3 toilet is available in one-piece, two-piece, round front, standard height, an elongated bowl. The toilet is constructed using durable vitreous china; the unorthodox shape is eye-catching for the guest. The triangular tank fits easily into the tight corners, making the small bathroom feel much spacy.

The model consumes just 1.28 GPF; it has a 3 inches valve, which means more water can jet out when you flush, preventing debris from getting stuck inside the toilet trap. The versatile model gives superior performance. The toilet may come in more than one box, and you need to buy the seat separately.


  • ADA Compliant
  • Anti-Bacterial protection
  • Available
  • PowerWash Rim
  • Jet-Powered Siphon
  • Speed-Connect
  • Limited 2-Year
  • Low Water Consumption
  • Dual Flushing System
  • Affordable price
  • Seat not included


3. American Standard Champion-4

American Standard Champion-4

As the name suggests, the model is a champion in providing high-performance and reliability. The one-piece unit has a 4-inch flush valve that produces super flushing power that quickly stamps out clogged toilets. The broad 3-inch trap way has the capacity of handling 70% more mass than other toilets. We can assure you that the first flush will give you a clean and fresh toilet. Besides high flushing power, it consumes 1.28 GPF that significantly drops the water consumption.

The Champion features state an art Everclean surface that is easy to maintain and clean for a longer time. Everclean technology prevents the growth of bacteria and stains. The toilet is manufactured using vitreous China that enhances the toilet lifetime and gives a smooth and shining surface.

American Standard Champion 4 has 16.5 inches bowl height without the bowl seat; the toilet’s minimalistic style is suitable for all types of bathroom designs. The toilet features an elongated bowl that is easier to clean and comfortable to use. 

Despite many advanced features—WaterSense certification, high flushing power the toilet is available at an affordable price. With the American Standard Champion 4, you don’t need to change the toilet every 2-3 years; it can serve up to 10 years without causing any trouble. Last but not least, it comes with a Limited ten-year warranty.


  • ADA Compliant
  • 3-inch trap way
  • Elongated Bowl
  • One-Piece
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • ADA compliant with 16.5 Inches
  • 4-Inch Flushing Valve
  • Siphon action jetted bowl
  • EverClean surface
  • 4″ piston action Accelerator flush valve
  • Low Water Consumption 1.6 GPF
  • Pricey


4. American Standard Fairfield One-Piece Toilet

American Standard Fairfield One-Piece Toilet

The standard American Fairfield is another high-performance toilet that falls under the high-efficiency toilets category. It has a robust flushing system and consumes 1.6 GPF; the toilet quickly refills without any noise. The low water consumption means the toilet meets EPA WaterSense criteria of water efficiency.

The toilet has an elongated seat that enhances your sitting experience. The vitreous china gives a shiny look and prevents algae and other bacteria from sticking.

It comes with a color-matched seat, bolt hole, and cover; the installation is relatively easy. It will take 2-4 hours to install a new toilet.

This American Standard toilet comes in white color, giving it a sleek and stylistic look; the one-piece design ensures easy cleaning of the toilet.


  • Clog-Free Flushing Performance
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Fully glazed 2-3/8 inch trap-way
  • High efficiency
  • Strong Flushing system
  • EPA certified
  • Comes with a Color-matched seat and cover.
  • The seat is made up of cheap plastic


 5. American Standard Cadet 3

American Standard Cadet 3

The American standard cadet 3 is a two-piece toilet featuring a Cadet flushing system that generates a strong flush. The toilet has a smart and wider trap-way that prevents clogging, allows almost 60% more waste to pass through without choking.

The Cadet 3 consumes only 1.28 GPF water, which is 20% less than the standard toilets available in the market. The low water consumption makes cadet three more environmentally friendly and reduces your water bill.

The toilet’s sleek style and modern design make it easy to clean. The Everclean surface prevents bacteria and germs’ growth and prevents bad odor, maintaining the spotless toilet surface.

The model is ADA compliant with a round front design, and the toilet is easy to install; you have to follow the installation guide.


  • Clog-Free Flushing Performance
  • Stronger flush
  • Concealed trap way
  • Comes with the Toilet seat, flush valve, and seat
  • High Performance
  • ADA Compliant
  • 28 Water Consumption 
  • WaterSense certified
  • 5 Year Warranty on Mechanical parts.
  • Poor Seat design


Buyers Guide to Choosing an American Standard Toilet

Buying a toilet can be a little confusing task. In the market, hundreds of brands compete, providing the customers’ range of models with modern looks and styles. While choosing a toilet, your requirements and budget can be a real deal-breaker. While selecting American Standard toilets, you need to consider the following factors. 

 Bowl design                       

While buying a toilet bowl, the shape is often overlooked, as many believe all are bowls are “bowl” shaped. However, the toilets come in two different shapes round and elongated bowls. People prefer to buy elongated designs due to their comfort and more sitting area. Round-shaped toilets are a suitable choice for small bathrooms. 

 Flushing system

The standard American toilets have four different flushing mechanisms; each of the flushing systems has its pros and cons. The Flushing system is either single or dual-phase. A single-flush system means the same water quantity is used for flushing any amount of waste. Unlike single-flush, a dual flush system has two buttons, one is used for urine, and the other is used for flushing poop. The dual-flush system consumes less amount of water than the single flush system. The American Standard H2Option is an excellent example of a dual flush toilet system. 

Water Consumption

Nowadays, all the modern toilet uses water-saving technologies that significantly improve the water pressure by reducing water usage and lessening the bill. These low water consumption toilets are good for the environment. The standard toilet can consume 1.6 GPF, whereas the high-efficiency American Standard uses 1.28 GPF, saving 20% more than their counterparts. Some of the American Standard models have government regulation certifications, such as WaterSense. The American Standard Cadet 3 is one best low water consumption toilets available in the market. 

One-Piece or Two-Piece

In one-piece, the toilet and tank are fused without any joints. These toilets are easier to clean. In two-piece, the tank is attached to the bowl through bolts and hoses. Neither option is good nor bad—this depends on your needs and budget. The installation of a one-piece toilet is much easier compared to a two-piece toilet. While installing a two-piece toilet, you have to be extra careful not to crack the porcelain while connecting the bowl and the tank. I prefer a one-piece toilet because of the all-in-one design and wall mounting option. 

Right Height 

The height of the standard toilet is 15 inches from the floor to the toilet seat. Some of the manufacturers are producing ADA-compliant toilets, 17 to 19 inches from the floor. The higher bowl height is right for, the taller people, the elderly, and the disabled. 


It is essential to buy a toilet that comes with a warranty of at least one year. A warranty indicates that the manufacturer has confidence in its products. All the products we have covered comes in different warranty periods. Since the toilets are fragile things, and many buyers complain the toilet is cracked in such scenarios, a warranty can help you get the broken part replaced without spending extra money. 

Style and Design 

The design refers to how the toilet looks and what material is used to manufacture the toilet. Many domestic toilets are of plain white color. Colored toilet ranges from beige to black; however, the colored versions are costly. Construction material is another element that gives a sleek look to a toilet. Usually, the toilets are manufactured using plastic, porcelain, vitreous china, or ceramics. The type of manufacturing material affects toilet price, quality, and looks. 


When choosing a toilet, price is also an important aspect. Before buying, check for the toilet that meets all your needs and falls within your budget. The popular American standard models fall within the range of $400-$600, while highly advanced models fall well above $1000. 


What are the different types of American Standard toilets available in the market?

The most prominent types of standard American toilets are one-piece, two-piece, wall-mounted toilets.

What flush system American Standard offer?

American Standard offers a range of flushing technologies; two of them are listed below.

Dual Flush

As the name indicates, the dual flush is designed to save water. The standard 1.6 GPF is for flushing solid waste, while the other is used to remove liquid waste.

Pressure Assisted System

In this system, there is an inside tank that holds compressed air. When the lever is pushed, the trapped air force the water down the toilet, resulting in the removal of waste.

Why prefer EverClean technology?

These toilets are easy to clean and maintain; the toilet surface also restricts mould and stains that cause germs and bacteria’s growth.

What to do if the toilet is leaking?

If the toilet is dripping, you need to check if the supply tube’s bolts are tight enough. Check for the tube cracks; if no break is found, there might be an invisible crack; in such circumstance’s replacement is a must.

Where is the Toilet model number written?

Usually, the model number is hidden. To read the number, carefully remove the lid; two to four digits are written on the rear near the water level mark. Four digits indicate you have a two-piece toilet, whereas the 2-digit number means it is a one-piece toilet.

My toilet got blocked, what should I do?

Usually, American Standard toilets do not get blocked. But if your toilet gets clogged, you should use a plunger or wire to remove the things that got stuck. If you don’t have the time to unclog the toilet, you can hire a plumber to fix the issue.

Where to buy the repair parts for American Standard?

It is recommended to buy the same company’s right parts before calling the American Standard to note the model number. It is the first thing the customer support team will demand from the customers.

Valuable tips for choosing the Best American Standard Toilets in 2021 (Infographic):

Best American Standard Toilets in 2021

Final Verdict

The American Stand sets the new standards in the toilet industry. As the guide shows, the company is continuously manufacturing high-performance and durable toilets. They are producing a wide range of toilets; one-piece, two-piece, and dual-flush. After analyzing different models, we picked the American Standard Cadet 3 as the best two-piece model. The Cadet 3 has a comfortable height, large flush valve, which ensures high toilet performance.

The ADA-compliant Champion 4 is our recommended one-piece toilet. The toilet features a 4-inch piston with Everclean technology to prevents bacteria and stains. The ten-year warranty is a big selling point for the toilet.

If you have a big budget, don’t miss the chance of buying American Standard H2Option. The toilet is compliant with EPA and Map Premium.

Don’t forget to share your thought about the Best American standard toilets in the comment section.

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