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Best Chair Mats for Heavy Person

Last Updated on March 5, 2022 by Sarah

A chair mat helps protect your carpeted or hardwood floors from damage caused by rolling chairs. If you weigh more, you will exert more effort to move your chair around the workstation, and this will result in more damage to the floor.

For smooth and protective gliding, you can install the best chair mat for a heavy person. By installing a heavy-duty chair mat, you will effectively shield the carpet from tearing.

Some chair mats are not strong enough to withstand heavy loads, and they can easily break. For the readers. We have curated a list of the best chair mats for fat people. We hope the list will help you pick the best one for yourself.

Our Top Recommended Best Chair Mats for Heavy Person

Floortex Glaciermat
Floortex Glaciermat
  • Withstand heavy load
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Floortex Tempered Glass
Evolve 33
Evolve Clear Office Chair Mat
  • Available in different sizes
  • Mat won’t move around
  • Smooth Top Surface
AiBOB 53 Heavy Duty Floor Mats for Computer Desk
AiBOB 53 Floor Mats for Computer Desk
  • 100% pure polyethylene
  • Super tough
  • 60 days return service

Top 5 Best Chair Mats for Heavy Person

Below we have listed the top 5 best chair mats for heavy person with all the main features and pros and cons.

Floortex Glaciermat Reinforced Glass Executive Chair Mat

Flotex Glaciermat chair mats are specially designed for carpets and hardwood floors. This chair mat is made of tempered glass, a material that is attractive, durable, and long-lasting. With the mat’s crystal clear design, you won’t have to worry about covering up your floors.

Despite the weight of you and your chair combined, the 1/4-inch thick mat will not let your wheels sink into your carpet. The mat also protects hard floors from scratches and cracks that may appear due to chair caster movement. Additionally, the mat’s surface is smooth enough for your chair to move freely around your desk without being restricted.

This mat does not have spikes, so it will slide a bit when you slide your chair under your desk on carpeted floors, so make sure it is back to its original position. Despite this, it stays firmly attached to the hardwood floors and does not slide.

  • Withstand heavy loads of up to 1000 pounds
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Incompatible with metal caster chairs
  • Can move forward over time

The Evolve Clear Office Chair Mat – Ideal Chair Mat for Heavy People With Thin Carpeted Floors 

The Evolve clear chair mat is ideal with a low pile of up to 0.25 inches. The durable chair mat has rounded corners and lower edges to prevent it from lifting into your chair casters. As well as protecting your carpet, the chair will offer excellent grip.
Made of plastic, this chair mat can be rolled up and stored easily.

The mat has many grip nodes that keep the mat in place no matter how much you move. Since vinyl mats are easy to clean, and you can get them in a variety of sizes, they are very popular. This chair mat is popular among those with lumbar pain since it can relieve it.

  • Easy to clean
  • Available in different sizes
  • Mat won’t move around
  • No Major Issues

AiBOB 53 Heavy Duty Floor Mats for Computer Desk

AiBOB takes the third spot in our list of mats for fatty people. The mat comes in a roll form, and you need to unroll and place it on the floor. It is made of toxic-free pure polyethylene material that looks decent. The mat releases an odor, but don’t worry placing the mat in the open air for a day will remove the odor and make it completely safe for home and office use.

The mat’s robust construction will prevent it from curling or cracking even under heavy loads. One side of the mat is smooth, and the other one has a unique slight texture. Make sure to keep the textured surface at the top. It keeps the chair from sliding and allows you to move easily around your desk. The mat is firm enough to protect your wooden or tile floor from scratches.

  • 100% pure polyethylene
  • Super tough
  • 60 days return service
  • Release strong smell

Dimex Rectangle Office Chair Mat

The Dimex rectangle office chair mat is made from Greenguard Certified and toxic-free PVC plastic. It is an ideal choice for fat people or those who need heavy-duty chairs. 

The more bulky or heavy you are, the more force you will need to exert to move the chair, which can scratch the floor or tear the plush carpet. Mats like these are installed to provide a thick protective layer to help keep delicate floors and chair casters safe. The mats are available in three different sizes, ranging from 36 inches to 46 inches.

There are two variations as well, one with a lip and one without a lip. Its top surface is anti-slip, while the little spikes on the base give you a good grip on the floor. Besides the top layer which prevents any uncontrolled movement, the mat has a gripper backing that keeps it firmly in place. To lay the mat flat, unroll it, then place heavy objects on the edges for a few hours.

  • Greenguard Certified
  • Studded Gripper
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • After a while, the wheels start sinking

OFM Essentials Non-Slip Office Chair Mat with Lip for Hard Surface

OFM chair mat is our last recommendation of best chair mat for heavy person. It is designed to prevent damage to the home and office floors from the casters of chairs rolling on the floor. The chair mat is made from top-quality eco-friendly material and comes at a very affordable price.

It is extremely durable and strong, and able to carry a person up to 1000 pounds as well as a heavy chair. Through its smooth movement, it reduces leg muscle fatigue. This mat contains a lot of small studs, which are designed to grip the floor and prevent it from slipping and sliding on carpet, wooden, and tiled surfaces with a low pile. A mat of this thickness will also protect your floors from scratches and permanent indentations.

The mat comes in two different versions: one for hardwood floors and one for carpeted floors. Each variant is also available in two different sizes: 36×48 and 46×60. The dirt and stains can easily be removed by dipping a cloth into a soapy solution and wiping the mat. 

  • Resistant PVC chair mat
  • Small studs form
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • A little more effort is required to lay flat

Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person Buying Guide

Choosing the right mat for your home can sometimes be a difficult task. Perhaps this guide can help you to determine what mat is best for your office.

Types of Floor or Carpet

The majority of mats available in the market are suitable for both carpet and hardwood floors. Spikes on the bottom will help keep the mat in place on more slippery surfaces, such as low pile carpets and medium-pile carpets. This will save you from the hassle of frequently repositioning the mat.

Before making a purchase, make sure the mat you choose is compatible with your flooring and carpet thickness. The underside should be smooth to protect hardwood flooring.


For the perfect chair mat, know the size of your workstation with a measuring tape.


If you are bulky and use vinyl or plastic mats, you have likely replaced your mat every few months. Polycarbonate and Plexiglas are two common materials used for heavy-duty chair mats. Their transparency enhances the visibility of the mat.

Plastic is an expensive, opaque, and easily scratched material. Plexiglas is more transparent, cheaper, and more durable. Plastic made from polycarbonate is much stronger and more durable. Additionally, it is resistant to cracking and chipping, making it an excellent choice for household appliances.


Ideally, the mat surface should be smooth enough to allow you to roll without slipping, but still, retain enough grip so that you do not fall. It is common for chair mats to have a textured top to provide proper grip.


A mat that scratches easily will make your room look unattractive. Furthermore, scratching can reduce the lifespan of the mat and restrict movement.

  • The Best Mat That Won’t Curl Up
    The Floortex Glaciermat is the ideal mat for people who dislike trying to flatten mats. It comes in a solid form and cannot be folded. It’s also a good idea to consider the Delam office floor mat if you don’t like a mat that always curls back up. This mat has an extra-flexible rubber base. Mats with carpet fibers also have a higher weight, so they will lie flat against the floor without having to apply pressure to them.
  • The Best Mat for Thick Carpets 
    Floortex Glaciermats mat is the best choice for thick carpets. With this mat, you will stay straight no matter how much weight you put on it. Upon sitting on the mat, it will fully level your carpet and handle up to 1000 pounds of weight. Your chair casters will also be protected from carpet fibers and you will be able to keep your carpets in pristine condition.
  • The Best Mat for Hard Floors
    If you prefer a black mat that won’t move on your floor, the Lesonic chair mat is a good choice.  The Delam mat is also a good option if you want to warm up your office space during the winter. While providing protection for your floor surfaces and warming up your space, this mat is similar to a loose rug.  


People who are big in size or heavyweight have to put more effort into moving the chair around their work desk, and this results in scratches and cracks on the wooden floor or tearing of a carpet. To protect your beautiful and expensive floor from damages, place the best chair mat for a heavy person. These mats are specially designed to deal with the heavyweight of a person and a chair or combine. They work like a charm and protect the floors effectively. We hope our list of the top 5 best chair mats for heavy people helps you make the right decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size is ideal for a chair mat?

    Ideally, chair mats for desks should be 47″ x 53″.

  2. What uses a chair mat for heavy persons?

    By placing a chair mat, you can prevent scratches and blemishes on your hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring.

  3. What are the best chair mats for a heavy person?

    We strongly recommend Floortex Cleartex Megamat.

  4. What are the benefits of glass chair mats?

    Due to their tempered glass construction, glass chair mats can hold weights of up to 1,000 pounds, so they’re perfect for large individuals.

  5. What thickness should a chair mat be for heavy people?

    It is ideal to have a thickness of 1/8 inch or greater.

  6. What materials are used to make chair mats?

    Chair mats are typically made from polycarbonate or plexiglas.