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Best Darts For Beginners

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Darts is a fantastic game to have a good time. You can enjoy the thrill and fun of being a professional player or having a great time with a family or friend. If you’re just getting started in darts, there are a lot of options. Many different kinds of darts are available in numerous sizes and shapes. Your priority should be finding a quality set of darts at a reasonable price. We strongly recommend considering buying Cuesoul 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts. These Darts are made of high-density tungsten, plus you also get a box full of additional items!

These Darts have a beautiful design and are versatile enough to suit any combination of shaft/flight. Their heavy knurling enhances their center balance at the front, which provides a secure grip. Even though they may weigh as much as 30 grams, the tungsten helps Cuesoul keep these darts slim. This type of heavy dart is often recommended to new players since the darts fly straighter.

To make sure you hit the bullseye or target scores on the dartboard, attention and hand-eye coordination are essential. Still, you will also need to use well-performing darts. As a beginner, you need to understand that the darts you choose significantly impact the skills and the overall play. So make sure you don’t get some cheap darts that will break or bounce out when trying to pull them out.

To help you choose the best beginner darts, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide focusing on all the aspects one must know before buying the best darts for beginners so that you can use them as a jump-start.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice: Cuesoul 95% Tungsten Steel Tip
    “A set of high-quality darts with 95% Tungsten barrels.”
  • Premium Pick: Bottelsen Devastators Hammer Head Steel Tip Darts
    “These premium-quality darts, an amazing gift for darts beginners.”
  • Best Darts For Beginners: Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts
    “A set of durable six Wide glide flights and six Viperlock shaft

CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Darts
  • 95% Tungsten Barrel
  • Anodized Aluminum Shaft
  • Come with 1 Deluxe Dart Case
  • 30g/28g/26g/25g/24g/22g for choose

Viper Blitz 95

Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts
  • Aluminum Spinster Shafts
  • 95% Tungsten Barrels
  • Each set includes six wide glide flights
  • Durable Dart case

WIN MAX Plastic Tip darts

WIN.MAX Darts Plastic Tip
  • Precise and Practical Barrels
  • Unbreakable Alu Shafts
  • Strong Soft Tips
  • Flight Protector
9.4/10 Our Score

The dart has a stunning design and can be used with a variety of shaft and flight combinations. The Cuesoul Tungsten steel tip darts feature non-slip heavy knurling at the front and are well-balanced for maximum control. Even though they weigh as much as 30 grams, Cuesoul keeps these darts slim due to the high tungsten content. Though the darts themselves are stunning,  it is the overall kit that holds the true value. An aluminum shaft is ideal since it breaks less easily. The kit comes with four sets of different shaped flights so that you can test things out. The set includes flight protectors, a dart tool, and a sharpener in a large, elegant case that appears to cost $30 on its own.

  • Anodized aluminum shaft
  • 95% tungsten barrel
  • Center-weighted
  • Knurled grips for perfect handling
  • Front Heavy

Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

The Viper Blitz 95% is another best dart for beginners available on the market. These are steel-tipped darts, each weighing at 24 grams a perfect weight for accurate shots without overloading the dart’s flight. The dart’s barrel is composed of 95% tungsten and the shafts are made of aluminum. 

The darts are equipped with locking holes for additional stability and give you the leverage you need. The darts are extremely durable with top-notch tips, shafts, barrels, and flights.

Last but not the least, each dart features a blitz graphic on the wide glide flight for a stylish appearance. The darts set includes six wide glide flights, six Viperlock shafts, a dart repairing tool, and a TachTech EVA dart case. The hard outer shell of this dart set case is lined with foam to protect your darts. The case has ample space to fit everything in this set.

  • Comes with a protective case
  • Manufactured using the highest quality tungsten
  • Smooth grip 
  • Locking holes provide you stability
  • Not the cheapest option available in the market. 
  • Don’t come with the replacement shafts.

WIN.MAX Darts Plastic Tip, Soft Tip Darts Set

WIN.MAX Darts Plastic Tip

The Win Max are the best plastic tip darts available in the market. The darts tips are made of high-quality plastic that is durable and long-lasting. The darts are extremely lightweight, as the darts feature plastic barrels and aluminum shafts. The dart set is worth money. It comes with everything you need to start with darts; 12 incredible darts, 100 barrels, and 20 O-rings. All of these extra parts allow you to keep your darts in good condition as you can easily replace damaged parts. 

Before throwing the next dart, you can insert a flight protector to prevent the flight from getting damaged. The plastic darts are ideal for electronic dartboards. The matt surface of the dartboard helps the dart stick to the dartboard and reduce bounce-outs. The bargain price of these darts makes them a great deal, but they will take some getting used to if you aren’t a regular darts player.

  • Lightweight 
  • Best plastic tip darts 
  • Come in a Set of twelve darts, 100 barrels, 20 O-rings
  • Found no major issues.

Fat Cat Bulletz 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Fat Cat by GLD Products Bulletz 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

The Fat Cat Bulletz has excellent comfort, grip, and balance. When you combine the features and a design that stands out, you’re onto a winner. You easily control the darts using the knurls, which provide more grip, resulting in better directionality.

A consistent grip is one of the factors that determine how well you perform in a game.  If you are a beginner, you are more likely to succeed with a dart that meets your needs halfway. With its convex nylon shaft, the Fat Cat Bulletz ensures your O-rings remain tight during play. In addition, the light-weight 23 grams dart is available at an incredibly low price and an excellent choice for darts beginners.

  • Lightweight convex nylon shafts
  • Superb hard-shell travel case
  • Additional equipment for replacement
  • Good price
  • Knurled handle for a stronger grip
  • One set of flights

IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set

IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts

The IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts set comes in an innovative casing, keeping the darts completely secure. In addition, they are protected against scratches by a custom-made EVA foam. This steel tip darts set is not only stylish and practical, but it is a good set of darts for anyone who loves darts. The dart weighs 20 grams and is equipped with o-rings that prevent them from loosening. For improved durability, the dart shaft is made of Aluminium. These best throwing darts come with a dart tip sharpener, so the players can keep the dart sharp to minimize the bouncing effect. The dart package also includes an ebook called “35 Ways to Play Darts”. The guide consists of dart scorecard templates, illustrations, and a guide to accurately throw the darts.
These professional best steel tip darts packages include all the essential things a dart player requires. The package contains Six stunning darts with brass barrels and aluminum shafts, ten beautifully crafted flights, and two dart sharpeners to keep the darts in perfect shape. The IgnatGames is one of the best steel tip darts for the money and an excellent gift for the professional and beginners.

  • Carrying case
  • Darts weigh twenty grams each
  • Included training eBook
  • Dart sharpener included
  • Flights need to be removed in order to fit into the case

Ohuhu Tip Darts with National Flag Flights

Ohuhu Tip Darts with National Flag Flights

The Ohuhu darts manufactures high-quality stainless steel dart tips and copper-covered barrels with a shaft made of PVC. The skid-proof grain of the copper barrel provides a more secure grip on the barrel, improving accuracy.
As the dart body is detachable, you can easily swap out the parts of the dart. The Ohuhu is one of the top darts brands. The darts come with three extra PVC rods for smooth replacement. This set also comes with three extra PVC rods for fast and convenient replacement. The darts weigh 17 grams, which is three to four grams lighter than most competing sets.
The lighter weight makes it easier for the user to throw the darts steadily. Due to their lower weight, these are considered good darts for beginners. The Ohuhu set includes twelve darts, an excellent option for darts beginners who have just started to play darts.

  • Lightweight 
  • A great choice for beginners 
  • Come in a set of twelve
  • Low price
  • Not recommended for the professional player

Bottelsen Devastators Hammer Head Steel Tip Darts

Bottelsen Devastators Hammer Head Steel Tip Darts

The Bottelsen Devastators Hammer darts are steel-tipped and weigh 23 grams. The dart shaft and barrel are made with reliable material. These darts are steel-tipped and weigh 23 grams each. This set comes with three darts, and both the shafts and barrel are made with durable materials. This snakeskin case is an exquisite piece that goes beyond mere admiration.

Even experienced players love to play with these well-designed pieces, so they’re an excellent choice for novice players if they don’t mind paying a little more. Darts like these are among the most durable on the market. In addition, the dart’s tips, shafts, and barrels are made of highly durable material. All these features made Bottelsen Devastator an excellent dart for beginners.

  • Steel Tip
  • Lightweight
  • The barrel is made of 90% tungsten
  • The darts have an aluminum shaft
  • No major drawbacks

CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set

 CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts

The CC-Exquisite Professional Darts is a set of six darts made of durable brass; each dart weighs only 20 grams. The O-rings provide extra durability to these darts and will prevent them from becoming loose over time. These shafts are made from aluminum and come in two different lengths; 35 millimeters and 48 millimeters. The kit includes high-quality unbreakable 12 brass barrels. In addition, the CC-Exquisite dart set includes; a carrying case, a multi-purpose dart tool, and a dart sharpener to ensure your darts remain in prime throwing condition for maximum accuracy. With the variety of shaft and flight options available, players can try different components to find the perfect balance that works for them.

  • Two shaft and flight lengths
  • Made out of brass
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Includes great extra accessories
  • Flights split easily

Features To Consider When Choosing Darts For Beginners

We will explain everything you need to know to find the best darts for beginners. Moreover, we have tried to answer the Frequently asked questions related. It is an important section, so don’t skip it. 

Parts of a Dart

Before starting the buyer guide, we want to familiarize you with different parts of the dart. Each component has equal importance, and each can have a significant impact on your performance.

best darts for beginners

  • The Flight: The flight is the rear section of the dart. A flight’s design, style, and size can have a significant impact. Some flights can stabilize the dart and others that can slow it down.
  • The Shaft: The shaft connects the grip to the flight. A shaft is a combination of different materials: plastic, nylon, aluminum, and even carbon fiber.
  • The Grip/Barrel: As the name refers, the grip is the part of the dart held between your fingers. Some grips feature smooth knurling, while others are rough and hard. We strongly recommend heavier knurling, as it makes the dart much easier to grip. 
  • The Point: It is the sharp tip that propelled into the dartboard. You can consider buying plastic tip darts for electronic boards, and steel tips can be used for sisal boards. 

The Dart Tip

The type of dart tip is one of the crucial things to consider when buying a dart. Dart tips are divided into two main categories, hard and soft.

Steel Tip Darts

As the name refers to, steel tip darts have a steel tip fitted to the barrel. These darts have a sharpened steel tip that can easily penetrate the board. They are specifically manufactured to be thrown over the cork, sisal, or coiled paper boards. For beginners, steel tip darts are the best options for playing the traditional dart game. One of the best parts about these darts is that you don’t have to replace the entire dart if the tip wears down. The dart can be replaced or sharpened when it becomes dull, saving you the cost of replacing the entire dart. However, they tend to be a bit more expensive than soft darts. The steel tip darts are ideal if you want to stick to traditional dart games. 

Soft Tip Darts

The soft tip darts are ideal for use with plastic or electronic dartboards. Typically, they weigh around 14 to 16 grams. The soft tips darts are a safer option when playing with children, as they won’t hurt. Moreover, they don’t require maintenance like the steel tip. If the dart breaks or bends, you can easily replace it at a reasonable cost.


Once you have chosen the type of tip, you wish them to have. The next thing you will need to decide is the weight of your dart. A heavier dart will help you achieve consistency in your grip and action. A reasonable starting weight is between 24 and 26 grams. Once you are comfortable with grip, consider moving to lightweight darts.  

Number of Darts 

Most of the sets come with three darts. At the same time, some companies offer more darts, an excellent choice for anyone for players concerned about damaging or losing their darts while practicing. The Win.Max, Viper Blitz, and the CC-Exquisite Professional Darts set come in a pack of 6 or 12 darts, making the set ideal for anyone who wants plenty of darts for entertainment. 

Barrel and shaft materials

Usually, each component of a dart is made of a different material. However, a dart can be fully customized by replacing different materials to match your throwing style. Dart barrels can be made of many other materials, including brass, silver, nickel, and tungsten. Tungsten is the most robust material. 

Just like the barrel, dart shafts can be made of a variety of materials. The most common materials are nylon, plastic, and aluminum, with aluminum being the strongest. Carbon is another option, which is extremely strong and light at the same time.

Dart Case 

It is another essential factor to consider when buying a dart case. The darts case helps ensure the darts do not get damaged. Ideally, the case should have a hard exterior and a soft interior. It will add an extra layer of protection so that your darts won’t break if the case falls. If you want a great storage case to keep your darts safe and secure, Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts are the best option available in the market. 

Other features

If you are just starting, it would probably be a good idea to buy a kit that includes all of the essential accessories you need to play successfully and replace the dart if something breaks. The WIN.MAX Darts are an excellent choice since the package comes with all the extra’s one can expect. 


From all the different darts that we evaluated, the Cuesoul 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts are the best darts for beginners available on the market. The Cuesoul darts are made with high-density, with a case full of additional accessories.  

The Viper Blitz darts are a premium option. It has tungsten barrels, aluminum shafts, and steel tips; the Viper Blitz darts offer precision and control, making them ideal for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best darts for a beginner?

As a beginner, we recommend you focus on the weight rather than design. Initially, start with 20g dart weight for gaining control and accuracy. 

Is it worth buying expensive darts?

Yes, but it depends; expensive darts don’t make much difference in the game. Although some of the more costly darts are made of quality materials, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll improve your gaming experience.

How important is the size of dart flights?

The darts size makes a tremendous difference; a large surface area helps keep your dart stable and balanced. 

What makes tungsten darts better than other types of darts?

Many dart players, especially professionals, prefer darts made of tungsten materials. It is known for its strength and long-lasting characteristics.