Best Handheld Shower Head With Slide Bar 2022 Review

After a tiring day, bathing may be one thing we all do to get clean and fresh. If you want to maximize your shower experience, you should invest in buying the best handheld shower head with slide bar. It may be a small addition to your bathroom but probably the most convenient thing. The lengthy hoses and flexible joints give a handheld showerhead extra flexibility. The sliding bar shower heads are also helpful for cleaning pets and easy to use for kids and elderly persons.

Sliding bar shower heads are the most innovative invention. The slide bar allows users to adjust the height according to the need, so the water hits anywhere you want. It also allows you to configure multiple showerheads; now, you can have one showerhead focused on your shoulder and another on your feet. These features of a Sliding bar shower head remarkably improve your bathing experience. 

Our Top Recommended best handheld shower head with slide bar

The PULSE ShowerSpas Aqua Rain Shower with an 8 inches showerhead is our top recommendation. It will be worth every cent you invest in it. The Showerhead accommodates the needs of everyone family member, moreover, it comes with a soap dish, which is pretty exciting. 

There’s plenty of things that need to be considered before you choose a showerhead that matches your bathing needs. To help you pick the right handheld showerhead with a slide bar, we’ve listed some of the best handheld shower head with slide bar available in the market. 

In this article, we will review the following Handheld Shower with Slide Bar:

Top 5 Best handheld shower with slide bar

Image Product Features Price
Delta Faucet 9-Spray Delta Faucet 9-Spray

Silicone nozzles

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Moen 3669EP Moen 3669EP

4 spray settings

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Pulse ShowerSpas Shower Pulse ShowerSpas Shower

8 Inches Overhead

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EGRETSHOWER Function Handheld Shower Head  EGRET SHOWER Function Handheld Shower Head 

Anti-Clogging Nozzles

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Best Shower Head Bar with Handheld BRIGHT SHOWERS – Best Handheld Shower Head with Solid Slide Bar

Highly durable

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Delta Faucet 9-Sprayhand held shower bar Delta Faucet 9-Spray

Delta is known for manufacturing the best bathroom fixtures, especially hand held shower bar. So, we recommend you prefer a reputed brand that offers high-quality showerheads. The Delta Faucet 9-Spray ADA-Compliant Slide Bar Hand Held Shower is a great choice. It has nine different powerful sprays with massage, fast massage spray, and soft drenching spray that can easily be adjusted. 

The shower has a silicone nozzle, which is easy to clean. It features an ADA-Compliant 24-inch bar with the longest 82-inch hose; even the tallest person will be able to shower comfortably with the Delta Faucet 9. 

The Delta Faucet 9-spray slide bar hand-held shower can perfectly fit traditional and modern bathrooms. The shower is available in three different colors: chrome, stainless steel, and Venetian bronze. With a limited warranty and other features, this is the best shower on the market.

  • 9 spray settings
  • Fully adjustable
  • Silicone nozzles
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Narrow spray stream
  • Additional parts need to be purchased

Moen 3669EP – Best Adjustable Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar

handheld shower head with slide barThe Moen 3669EP handheld shower head with slide bar is an eco-friendly option accredited by the Water Sense agency. It has a 4-inch dedicated showerhead, giving full body coverage during showering. 

The Moen Handheld Shower comes with four different sprays; it releases water at the rate of 2 GPM, providing excellent water pressure without consuming extra water. The 69-inch metal hose ensures the shower reaches anywhere you want. And the 30-inch adjustable slide bar gives you the luxury to adjust the height according to your needs.

This elegant showerhead is available in three finishes – the Radiant Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze. All the finishes make them rust-resistant and give a shiny look. The Moen 3669EP is backed with a limited lifetime warranty covering the leakage and finish defects. 

  • 4 spray settings
  • Extra Long Hose
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Limited Warranty
  • It has a Small 4 inches shower head
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Pulse ShowerSpas Shower

If you are looking for an Ideal handheld shower with slide bar and high performance, this Shower is a suitable choice. The Pulse shower provides a great showering experience; the overhead is 8 inches wide and has a rainfall spray effect. The hand shower has five functions to enhance the showering experience: Jet, wide, wide, and Jet, massage, and wide and massage. The stainless steel hose has a 59” inch reach for improving the showering experience.

The nozzles within the showerhead and handheld shower are made from silicone, and these can be rubbed to remove debris. The Pulse Shower can fit current plumbing, and it does not require bathroom remodelling. The Shower is available in four unique finishes, which will improve bathroom aesthetics. The limited lifetime warranty gives buyers confidence in investing in the showerhead.

  • 8 Inches Overhead
  • The handheld showerhead has 5 additional spray settings
  • 4 Unique finishes
  • Limited Warranty
  • Not Water-efficient

EGRETSHOWER Function Handheld Shower Head

sliding bar shower head The Egrets shower is an excellent choice for people who need a modern designed and budget-friendly sliding bar shower head. The shower features a 5 inches showerhead providing a rainfall spray, which completely saturates you from overhead. 

The handheld shower has five unique functions: massage, rain, and bubble spray. The spray settings can easily be adjusted using a handle on the side of the head. The handheld shower is mounted on the slider bar, it has a 5 feet shower hose, so you can extend it as far as you need. 

It has self-cleaning nozzles, resistant to minerals and lime build-up, thus reducing the shower cleaning effort. This elegant shower package comes with everything needed for the installation. Moreover, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and five years free replacement warranty. 

  • 5 Full Setting High-power shower head and hand shower
  • 5-inch Shower
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee
  • Anti-Clogging Nozzles
  • Plastic parts lack the sturdiness

BRIGHT SHOWERS – Best Handheld Shower Head with Solid Slide Bar

BRIGHT SHOWERS Best Handheld Shower Head with Solid Slide BarThe Bright Showers brand is known for manufacturing rain shower head with slide bar. This product is for those who are tired of investing in cheap and ineffective showerheads, which don’t last even a year.

This sliding bar shower head allows you to adjust the height of the showerhead. So you can enjoy the comfort of the shower. This Showerhead also has a 36 inches bathroom grab bar which can support around 500 pounds.

This stainless steel shower head is very easy to install, the delivery package includes a handheld showerhead, arm mount holder, and a 60-inch stainless steel hose with Brass Rotating.

  • Highly durable
  • Solid Slide bar
  • Easy to Install
  • Slightly expensive
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Buyer’s Guide: What Should You Consider for Choosing The Best Handheld Shower Head with slide bar?

There are several things you need to consider when selecting the best handheld shower head with slide bar. The shower’s overall design should not be the only factor to be considered when choosing a handheld showerhead. In the buyer guide, we will list all the factors you need to consider when buying a showerhead. 

Location toggle off and on 

Some handheld showerheads can be operated by shower control, while others have the on/off switch, some even come with a pause button. 

Showerhead shape

The shape of a handheld shower is so important. The classic shower models have slight curvature handles, so the water is directed downwards in a natural pattern. The modern showers have ring shape heads, cubes, or cylindrical shapes. You can choose a showerhead shape that matches your showering needs. 


Nowadays showerheads come in various finishes, nickel, ceramic, oil rubbed Bronze, silver, and plastic. Select a finish that matches your bathroom theme and improves overall bathroom aesthetics.  

Hose Length 

Generally, handheld showerheads have a hose length of approximately 60 inches. However, it’s not to be true for every handheld shower system. Consider a showerhead having a hose length of 5 feet. However, you can consider an 84 inches long hose if there’s anyone with disabilities in the family.

Water Flow Ratio

The shower water flow ratio is quite important. According to law defined by the US Govt. a shower does not use more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute. So, make sure you buy a shower head, consuming no more than 2.5 GPM.

Ease of Use

Nowadays shower head brands are manufacturing modern showers, some showerheads come with a control panel to make usage easy for you. So, buy a shower that has a lever and knobs that allow you to control water pressure. 


A cost-effective showerhead does not mean you compromise on shower quality and performance. There is great competition among manufacturers and all the brands want to offer showers at an affordable price with all the advanced features. Before investing in a showerhead compare the features and price of showerheads offered by well-known brands. In this way, you can get a quality shower at an affordable price. 

Remember don’t get flattered by cheap price tags, usually, low-priced showers have poor quality. It’s good to save money but don’t spend too little. 

Shower Installation

The shower installation method also matters a lot. It involves how easily a showerhead and the slide bar are installed. 

Modern showerheads come with a mounting bracket and all the essential parts needed for the installation. Make sure your product package includes hardware and a user manual for the installation. 

Warranty / Certifications

Warranty is another factor to consider, most shower brands offer a limited warranty, covering leakage and drip problems. 

The warranty duration varies from brand to brand, some offer one year warranty while others have a lifetime warranty. So it is important to select a showerhead with a reliable warranty. 

Safe Grip Slide Bar

Last but not the least, the safety of your family should be your first priority. So it is vital to get an excellent grip handheld showerhead. A showerhead with a sliding grip bar is best to select.

Installation Method of Showerhead with Slide bar

The handheld showerheads have a simple installation method.

  • Firstly remove the existing showerhead from the old slide bar.
  • Now Attach the slide bar to the wall.
  • Connect the Showerhead with the existing showerhead attachment and attach the water hose pipe.
  • Finally, connect the showerhead to the water system.

Final Verdict

The demand for handheld showerheads with slide bars is rapidly increasing, as people are more aware of the benefits of these showers. Due to the modern features, handheld showerheads are more expensive than standard showerheads.

After reading this review, choosing the best handheld shower head with a slide bar would not be a problem. As the review has listed the features, pros and cons of the best handheld shower head with slide bar available in the market. 

The PULSE ShowerSpas Aqua Rain Shower with an 8 inches showerhead is our top recommendation. It will be worth every cent you invest in it. The Showerhead accommodates the needs of everyone family member, moreover, it comes with a soap dish, which is pretty exciting. 

Buying one of the listed sliding bar shower heads will completely change your showering experience. Since showers do not get changed every month, so consider one matching your needs and budgets. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ?)

How To Replace A Shower Slide Bar?

To change or replace the existing shower slide bar, use a screwdriver to detach the showerhead from the existing slide bar. Next, unscrew the old slide bar from the wall. Lastly, place your new slide bar against the wall and screw back the clasps. 

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