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Best Placemats For Wood Table 2022

Last Updated on February 3, 2022 by Sarah

Even though dinner plates can undoubtedly be placed directly on the table, the use of placemats certainly makes everything look more formal. In particular, they protect antique pieces, marble, stone, and lacquered wood from extreme temperatures and stains.
Solidly constructed wooden dining tables may not withstand nooks, heat, or scratches with continuous use at home. Therefore, it is essential to prevent scratches and burn marks from occurring on the surface of a vintage wooden table to entertain the guests.
We’ve compiled a list of the best placemats for wood tables to make your job easier. We will show you how to get the best placemats that speak for themselves for special events! Moreover, we have shared a detailed guide on choosing the best heat resistant placemats for wood tables to protect the wood table so that you can pick suitable placemats.

Our Top Best Placemats For Wood Table

Artand Heat and Stains Resistant Washable Placemats
Artand Heat and Stains Resistant Washable Placemats
  • 18″X12″(45cmX30cm)
  • Eco-friendly and high-grade vinyl (70% PVC and 30% polyester)
  • 176°F (80°C)
  • Easy to Clean
NETGEAR Nighthawk X10
U’Artlines Placemat with Compatible Table Runner
  • Placemats Size :18″X12″
  • Washable,Non-Fading
  • Eco-friendly PVC Materials
  • Wearproof and dries Quickly.
Home Brilliant Placemats
Home Brilliant Placemats
  • Placemats Size 13″ x 19″
  • Polyester & Polyester Blend
  • 16 Color Options
  • Machine washable

Top 5bBest Placemats for Wood Table 2022 Review

Artand Heat and Stains Resistant Washable Placemats

Artand Heat and Stains Resistant Washable Placemats

The Artand are perfect placemats to bring style and elegance to a table. Its material composition is unique, consisting of 70 percent PVC and 30 percent polyester. The combination of these two materials effectively protects wooden tables.
It is also the most suitable placemats for glass tables since their porous surface may allow water to leak. Still, it is easily cleaned off glass surfaces. However, wood tables can’t withstand these spills very long.

Its ability to withstand high temperatures of 176°F is a significant reason for including it on the list. It is a good indication of its effectiveness in protecting wooden tables. There is the choice to order four or six placemats with the same elegant design engraved on top of the top-quality material. The tablemats come in 5 different colors and measure 18×12 inches.

  • High level of heat resistance
  • Stunning design
  • Long-lasting
  • Don’t support machine washing.

U’Artlines Placemat with Compatible Table Runner

U'Artlines Best Placemats For Wood tables

The U’ArtlinesU’Artlines is one of the best heat-resistant placemats for wood tables. These beautiful placements are made of 70% vinyl, 30% polyester, and non-fading and stain-resistant. Due to its heat resistance, PVC material can withstand 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It provides decent protection against heat marks. Avoid placing bowls and pots on the placemats when serving food straight from the microwave.
It is tightly woven to catch food bits; however, the water can seep through and damage the table’s hardwood finish if left unattended. To complete the appearance of the setting a table runner is included with the placemats. Regarding texture, the collection has a variety of textures ranging from bamboo to cross-weave and striped designs in different colors. There is a wide choice of colors and textures to suit all types of wooden table décor, ranging from bi-colors to solid one-color mats.
It would help if you took care when placing dishes and bowls on the placemat as the material slid and slipped. To keep the mat in place, put a tablecloth underneath. As soon as mealtime is over, you can wipe things down or wash them under the tap.

  • Elegant and decorative placemats.
  • The table is scratch-proof and can withstand a temperature of up to 150 degrees.
  • Washing won’t fade the color.
  • This mat is not spill-proof

Home Brilliant – Best Easy to Clean

Home Brilliant Placemats

The Home Brilliant placemats contain a layer of faux linen fabric with a sleek, subtle texture that adds visual appeal without overwhelming the simplicity. You can now prevent scuffs and scratches on your table, thanks to its perfect layering. The double thickness contributes to heat resistance and minimizes the chances of white fog marks.

Beautifully crafted, these placemats are hand-cut and hand-sewn. There may be a human error margin in handcrafted items. The dimensions may differ from the specified size, i.e., 13 x 19 inches. There is a wide variety of home brilliant placemat colors and tones to match any table, interior, or décor.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a formal feast or only want to use it daily; Home Brilliant placemats will add the style to your table setting. Since the placemat is reversible, you can use the other side if a stain persists after washing.

  • Both sides of placemat are re-usedable.
  • Placemats that are slip- and stain-resistant.
  • Linen Fabric.
  • Cleaning can be difficult since food particles can get stuck in the texture.

SHACOS Ivory – Best for Round Table

SHACOS Ivory Best Placemats For Wood tables

Protection is what your wooden dining table needs the most – from unsightly scratches to heat and burn marks.
Shacos weaved cotton placemats are a laudable option to shield your table from ugly stains. They are made from thick strands of cotton with braided edges.
A Shacos placemat for the round wood table is available in various colors and textures, including ivory, black, and beige, as well as playful pink, red, and rainbow-colored placemats.
This collection features a variety of textures. It has braided edges on the outside and dual-colored cotton rings on the inside. A round placemat measuring 15 inches in diameter has enough room for you to put your plates and cutlery on it.
Due to their cotton composition, these aren’t waterproof, and removing food particles from the braid design is quite a hassle. You can wash it with cold water and a few drops of soapy liquid and let it air dry to get it sparkling clean again. Do not wash the placemat in the machine.

  • Highly durable
  • Stain and wrinkle-resistant
  • Easy to wash
  • Highly durable
  • Placemats are not waterproof

JTX Leather – Best Waterproof

JTX Leather Best Placemats For Wood tables

With their innovative design and precise cutting, JTX leather placemats speak highly of their craftsmanship. The unique outline and design make it the perfect placemat for round tables.

It has a sophisticated color scheme and a delicate texture. The furnishings have a modernistic vibe that goes well with a contemporary and minimalist interior design. The JTX is made of 100% waterproof eco-friendly leather you won’t have to worry about liquid spillages when dining. Moreover, they provide a foundation that prevents burns and scratches on wood tables since they are heat-insulated up to 70 degrees Celsius. The JTX placemats are easy to clean. For tough stains, you can use a gentle brush and soapy water along with wiping.

One of their best features is their versatility. The pretty placemats can be used as a base for decoration placement, you can use them on a desk, kitchen counter, side tables, or in any other way you wish. With the combination of their luxurious styles and practicality, they can be used in formal or informal, or on a daily basis.

  • Withstanding temperatures as high as 158°F.
  • Round wooden table placemats.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Difficult to remove juice stains.

DII Cotton – Best Machine Washable

DII Cotton Best Placemats For Wood tables

These cotton ribbed placemats from DII bring a warm-summery vibe to the wooden dining table. DII cotton placemats are made of 100 percent cotton, alternating ribbed vertically pattern. Its thickness is worth mentioning since it resists heat and prevents white haze formation on the wood table. DII placemats come in a variety of colors, from dark vibrant hues to whites and natural tones. The cotton placemats from DII are machine washable, but we suggest you avoid color bleed wash them separately.

It is oversized so there is room for shrinkage after washing. To dry, lay it flat after washing. The wrinkles can also be removed by ironing it on a low heat. You can use DII placemats for casual dinners, themed parties, and can be used for regular usage.   

  • Suitable for large plates and bowl
  • Thick Resistant
  • Attractive and elegant design
  • No major cons

Best Heat Resistant Placemats Benson Mills Bordeaux

Best Heat Best Placemats For Wood tables

The Benson Mills Bordeaux placemats reflect back your passion for an elegant table look. These heat resistant placemats are affordable and could be the perfect choice for you.

Their impermeable surface, made from high-quality cork, prevents liquids from passing through, making them the best spill-proof placemats. The cork placemat has a firm surface that acts as an insulator and resists heat, so it can withstand temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, you can feel safe when you use hot pots and dishes, as they will protect your table against all types of debris and stains.

The Benson Mills Bordeaux placemats are available in various colors, and they are one of the best placemats for wood tables.

  • Insulating and heat-resistant
  • It is made of 100% cork
  • Appealing design
  • There is a possibility that some designs may peel off over time.

Buying Guide For Choosing the Best placemats for wood table 

To choose the right placemats for your dinner table, you need to think about the material, the frequency of use, and who will use them. When choosing the best placemats for a wood table, keep these factors in mind.


There is a wide range of natural and synthetic materials to choose from when buying a placemat. Cotton, jute, cork, leather, PVC, and linen are the best materials available in the market. Placemat materials should be selected based on how much protection they can offer to your dining table.

We recommend buying Fabrics like linen and cotton as they are not manufactured with harsh chemicals. A synthetic material, on the other hand, is easy to clean and is a budget-friendly alternative.

When buying a placemat for a wood table consider double-layered or woven cotton, cork, jute, and other natural materials. For the wood table, the make and material quality will determine which will be most suitable.

Design and Color

Textures and patterns on placemats can make a dull dining area look more interesting. With patterns that range from geometric to sophisticated, they can make it look more welcoming. The designs available can complement your decor and style, enhancing your persona.

For formal or semi-formal events, use muted or natural colors, and for informal events and festivals, use vibrant and vivid colors.


The placemats you use every day for dining are bound to get stained by food. The placemats should be easy to maintain and clean so that you don’t have to fold and waste them. 

Level of Protection

The purpose of the placemat is primarily intended to protect tables from heat marks, spills, and scratches. Some cheap synthetic materials are not able to protect tables from heat and burn stains, whereas others can pass through liquid spills since they are permeable.

Placemats should be chosen according to the dining table’s material. A glass table can be cleaned from spills and any warm pot or plate won’t leave unsightly heat marks, but it’s an absolute requirement to choose a placemat that is suitable for wooden tables.

Shape and Size

You should also take into account the size and shape of the placemats. Rectangles and squares are the most common shapes for placemats.

Rectangular placemats can’t be used on a round table, so consider buying wedge-shaped placemats. Placemats made of round or oval shapes are also good alternatives. 

A dining table placement also contributes to the overall appearance. A too-large size will make the table appear crowded. Make sure to check the size of your placemats according to the dimensions and shape of your table.

Wrapping Up!

It is important to be extra cautious when buying the best placemats for the wood table. Wood is a natural magnet for heat marks and scratches. To keep your dining tables clean, you need to use thick, heat-resistant placemats. An appropriate pattern, texture, and complementary table runner can add a touch of elegance to a wood table for any event. We hope that this comprehensive guide has unlocked the secrets to choosing the best placemats for wood tables that are both elegant and event-appropriate.