Best shower heads for RV 2022 Review

Everyone loves long recreational RV camping, and for many enthusiastic people, RV is a second home. They think it a hotel on wheels, containing almost all the essentials things for a comfortable and enjoyable RV camping. One of the most valuable things is the RV shower head. After a long tiring day in the wilderness, a nice shower will refresh your mind and body. To enjoy the bathing in RV, you need to install a great showerhead. But it is not easy to select the best shower head for RV from a saturated market.

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For this reason, after performing the testing on different RV showerheads, we came up with the review to help you select the best shower head that meets your needs. Moreover, in the guide, we will discuss the features to consider before you buy one.

Best Shower Head for RV

Image Product Features Price
Oxygenics White Standard Hand-Held Sprayer Kit Oxygenics White Standard Hand-Held Sprayer Kit

No Stick Internal Part

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Yoo.Mee Handheld Shower Head Yoo.Mee Handheld Shower Head

Adjustable Bracket

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Oxygenics 26481 Body Spa Brushed Nickel RV Shower Kit Oxygenics 26481 Body Spa Brushed Nickel RV Shower Kit

Made up of ABS engineering grade plastic

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Dura Faucet DF-SA130-BK RV Shower Head  Dura Faucet DF-SA130-BK RV Shower Head 

UPC and CUPC Certified

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 Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower Head   Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower Head 

72-inch Long hose

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HOMELODY High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head HOMELODY High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

5 spray settings

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ETL 26181 Plastic Body Spa Oxygenics Shower Head ETL 26181 Plastic Body Spa Oxygenics Shower Head

Patented technology

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Oxygenics White Standard Hand-Held Sprayer Kit

 Oxygenics handheld sprayer kitis one of the impressive RV showerheads in the market. The RV owners seek a simple, reliable, and efficient shower that values money. This remarkable Oxygenic product is designed by professionals that cater to all the needs of customers. One of the most loved features is adjustable comfort control. It works on patented technology, which increases the water pressure by raising the oxygen level in the water.

The Oxygenics shower unit can operate with a simple push-button. It has a non-stick interior preventing clogging buildup with hard water. The shower has a 60-inch hose, guide, and, most importantly, lifetime warranty, which gives consumers a peach of mind.

Key Features 

  • No Stick Internal Part
  • Easy to control
  • Lifetime Warranty


Yoo.Mee Handheld Shower Head

 The Yoo.Mee brand is well known for high-quality manufacturing products understanding the customer’s needs. This classy stainless steel Showerhead will improve the décor of your RV.

The shower comes with a soft silicone nozzle jet, preventing minerals from clogging. And easy to remove the blockage by fingers. It has different spraying settings; great shooting, massage, and mix; this allows you to enjoy and take a long breath as the water pours down over you.

The remarkable thing about the unit is its three different spraying settings; great shooting, massage, and mixed. These notable features let you enjoy and take a long breath as the water pours down over you. The shower comes with additional accessories, including a hose, flow regulator, and adjustable bracket. Buying this showerhead will give a luxury touch to your RV without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • Offers three functions (mixed, massage & powerful shooting)
  • Made up of ABS engineering grade plastic
  • Nickel Finish


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Oxygenics 26481 Body Spa Brushed Nickel RV Shower Kit

Your desire to use a reliable and elegant shower head is possible with the Oxygenics 26481 body spa brushed nickel RV shower kit. As the name depicts, the showerhead gives you a spa feeling in RV. The RV shower uses oxygenics technology to improve the water pressure, and the shower valve ensures the prevention of water wastage.

The nickel build RV shower head has a 60” hose, wall mount holder, smart pause valve, and a plumber’s tape. The internal parts of the shower kits are non-stick, preventing the clogging and buildup of minerals when salty water is used. Unlike other showerheads where the water temperature drops when the pressure reduces, this high-quality showerhead maintains the heat when the showerhead is set to trickle the setting.

Key Features

  • Offers 3 functions (mixed, massage & powerful shooting)
  • Made up of ABS engineering grade plastic
  • Nickel Finish


Dura Faucet DF-SA130-BK RV Shower Head 

 If you are looking for a durable and high-quality shower, then you should consider the Dura Faucet DF-SA130-BK RV shower head. This RV showerhead is compatible with almost all kinds of recreational vehicles, trailers, motorhomes, and campers. The premium quality enhances the shower life and satisfies your needs for a long time.

The fact is Dura Faucet is a universal shower with essential features; a valve switch, which helps in saving the water. It features a 60-inch hose and a mounting bracket, making the installation a simple task.

The Dura Faucet SA130 has a consistent water flow of 2.5 GPM. Moreover, the product is certified by UPC & CUPC, giving the buyer complete peace of mind.

Key Features

  • UPC and CUPC Certified
  • Comes with a mounting bracket
  • Easy to install


Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower Head 

Fury head RV shower is another beautiful product from the Oxygenics camp. Due to high-quality design and durability, it is one of the hot-selling showerheads in the market. 

The use of cutting-edge technology boosts the water pressure. It maintains the slow in various spray setting, so you get excellent showering experience. Its rubber grip gives a tight hold of it even after the shower gets completely soaked. Additionally, high-quality internal parts components prevent the shower from corrosion and clogging, improving the overall lifespan of the shower. 

The Oxygenics fury RV handheld shower head package contains a wall mount, plumber’s tape, screws which help in the installation process though the product is more expensive than its competitors however it sought after by people that love to shower comfortably. 

Key Features

  •  72-inch Long hose
  • 5 spray settings
  • Flow control lever to reduce water flow


HOMELODY High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

Homelody showerheads are well known for their smart features. Its features made it possible for homelody to compete with the already established brands available in the market. The product is certified with cUPC, which means the product ensures no lead release during usage. It has an ON and OFF switch button to stop water wastage. The Stop function, eliminate the need for the middle to close the valve to re-adjust the water temperature, improving the showering experience.
The showerhead has five different water spray settings, giving you the ability to control the water flow, while also saving the water with high-pressure with minimum water usage.

Moreover, the product has ten long years warranty. It ensures the shower will last for quite a long time. The shower doesn’t include a hose, they have a package, where you can get a 118″ hose—a wholly modern and elegant shower head package for the decor of your shower.

Key Features

  •  118-inch long hose
  • 5 spray settings


ETL 26181 Plastic Body Spa Oxygenics Shower Head

When it comes to RV camping accessories and shower fixtures for high quality and durable material, the Oxygenics ETL 26181 is the best RV shower available in the market. The showerhead is easy to use, giving you a luxurious showering experience. For minimizing water usage, the showerhead is equipped with the oxygenic process, increasing the oxygen content in the water for improving the water pressure.
In short, the product has all the essentials features the customer needs in a showerhead. Overall, this product provides the customer with everything you could ask for in a showerhead. The unit includes a wand, 60-inch hose, wand holder, washers, Teflon tape, and installation guide.

Key Features

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No clogging guarantee
  • Patented technology


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Factors To Consider Before Getting The Best RV Shower Head

In the market, several RV shower heads are available, making it difficult to choose the best shower head. By considering the following features, you will get a perfect fit.


It is an essential part of a showerhead; they need to be long enough to shower the whole body. The hose must be made with durable and rust-free materials. 


Just like a hose, it is also another vital part, helping you to conserve water. It gives you convenience when showering the kids. Before making a purchase, make sure the shower design includes a valve. 

Anti-Clog Feature

The anti-clog feature of the shower prevents clogging and accumulation of limescale. Choose a showerhead having a rubber surface because these showerheads can be cleaned with ease.

Adjustable spray

The shower with various spray settings makes it possible for you to enjoy the range of spray options. The majority of showerheads come with at least 3 spray settings. The spray option ranges from slow water dripping, High water pressure, and massage option.

Types of RV Shower Heads

While choosing a high-quality shower head for RV, it is beneficial to know the different types of showers available in the market.

Wall Mount

This showerhead is the most popular choice of RV owners. These showers are cost-effective, need the least maintenance, and offer different spray options. 


A handheld shower is an excellent option for RV users who don’t like a fixed showerhead. The handheld shower is attached to the hose. It allows you to move and shower all parts of the body with ease. 

Rain System

The rain system showerhead provides a constant and steady flow of water from directly above you. It uses light water pressure, which helps in making the flow of water. Rainshower usually comes with an extended shower handle to improve the showering experience. 

Body Spray 

This type of showerhead mounts to the wall at various body levels. With a body spray shower, you can install different body spray heads, giving you a spa-like feeling.


Now, you know all the aspects to consider before buying the best RV shower head, go to the Amazon store and buy one of the showers, we had reviewed. Our top recommendation is Oxygenics White Standard Hand-Held Sprayer Kit. Its design and performance enhance your showering experience in RV.

Best RV Shower Head FAQ:

Does RV Shower Head Save Water?

Yes, the RV showerheads provide you with good water pressure. When bathing the body, you will surely use less water. Apart from saving water, a high-quality RV shower will help you save money.

Can I use a regular Showerhead in my RV?

Yes, you can use your regular showerhead in your RV. However, it would be great to go for a showerhead explicitly built for RV’s.

How to install the RV shower head?

The easiest way to install a shower is via the use of double-sided tape. The use of double-sided tape will eliminate the need for drilling. While installing a showerhead, users need to read the installation manual available with the product.

Why do RV shower heads leak?

Usually, shower leakage happens due to three possible reasons. Aging is one possible reason for leakage. The older unit is likely to get leaked. Another possible reason crack developed in the unit. You can detect the crack by slowly running the water through the showerhead. A tape can be used to prevent water leakage.

What does the GPM or PSI in RV shower heads mean?

GPM means gallons per minute. It indicates the water flow of the showerhead. Many RVs have limited water, so it essential to check the GPM before you buy the shower. Higher GPM means higher water usage.

Is the hose flexible?

Yes, a shower with a hose in a package has a flexible hose. The flexible house can help you wash and rinse all the body parts. Protection Status