Best Toilet For Rental Property

There are so many toilet options available on the market for your rental property. However, choosing the best toilet for a rental property with a powerful flush, eco-friendly and low price is not an easy option.  For our readers’ convenience, we have done extensive research helping you choose the best toilet for rental property. Our review article will include buying guide, toilet specification, and faqs. 

Our Recommended Best Toilet For A Rental Property

Below are the top-rated toilets suitable for your rental property. Before recommending any toilet, we did comprehensive research; reading customer reviews on Amazon and Walmart. Without any delay let’s get started.

  1. Best Overall: TOTO Ultramax II One-Piece Toilet 

  2. Best for powerful flush & water-saving: TOTO ECO-UltraMax Toilet


Top 5 Best Toilet For Rental Property

Image Product Features Price
TOTO Ultramax II One-Piece TOTO Ultramax II One-Piece

1.28 GPF water

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3-Inches flush valve

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KOHLER K-3987-47 KOHLER K-3987-47

Ideal for smaller bathrooms

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2 ⅛  Trapway

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American Standard Champion-4 American Standard Champion-4

One-piece design

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Best Overall: TOTO Ultramax II One-Piece Toilet Set

UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated

The Toto Ultramax II is our best toilet for rental property. It is a highly efficient and eco-friendly toilet with a 17 ¼ -inch toilet seat similar to chair height. The Toto Ultramax II features a “Tornado Flushing System” the system creates a robust centrifugal action, which easily removes all the waste without consuming extra water. The one-piece design of Toto Ultramax II reduces toilet cleaning efforts. The toilet has a CEFIONTECT glaze preventing the debris and bacteria from sticking to the toilet surface, giving you a clean toilet after every flush. The Toto Ultramax II is ADA compliant and meets the EPA WaterSense standards. Moreover, the toilet is accredited by California’s CEC and CAL Green. 

  • 1.28 GPF water
  • 17 inches tall
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Install
  • Loud


Best for powerful flush & water-saving TOTO ECO-UltraMax Toilet

TOTO Eco Ultramax Review

As the name indicates, the Toto Eco-UltraMax toilet is known for low water consumption. The ECO Ultramax consumes 1.28 gallons per flush.  Despite low water consumption, the Siphon jet flushing system gives a neat and clean toilet after every flush.  We strongly recommend Toto ECO-UltraMax for your rental property; the Toilet is equally suitable for your home and apartment. The Toilet is made up of Vitreous China which enhances the overall lifetime of toilets. Once the Eco-UltraMax is installed, it will serve the purpose for at least ten years. The Eco Ultramax features a “Cefiontect Glaze” for a smooth, gleaming surface. The Cefiontect layer prevents the dirt particles from sticking to the toilet surface and keeping the Toilet clean for a longer time. 

The ECO-Ultra Max comes with a soft-close seat that prevents the toilet seat from slamming. Moreover, the Toilet comes with a standard one-year warranty. You won’t regret buying this advanced Toilet. 

  • Low water Consumption 
  • Featuring Power Siphon Jet flushing
  • Made up of Vitreous China 
  • Easy to Install. 
  • 3-Inches flush valve
  • Left-hand chrome trip lever
  • Some users complain that it requires at least two flushings for solid wastes. 



KOHLER K-3987-47 Wellworth Two-Piece Round-Front Dual-Flush Toilet with Class Five Flush System and Left-Hand Trip Lever, Almond

The Kohler K-3987-47 is a Dual-Flush low water consumption toilet; it consumes 1.1 GPF, which is 30% less than the standard defined by the Federal agency. Low water consumption helps you reduce your annual water bill. The toilet has a simple design, but the cistern’s elegant curves improve the overall design and look. This two-piece toilet has a left-hand trip lever and is available in 4 unique colors. 

The Kohler K-3987 features an aqua piston flush; the system allows water to enter into the bowl from all angles. The technology increases the effectiveness of toilet flush. The large  2-⅛ inch trapway prevents the clogging issue. This two-piece toilet is easy to install; it comes with  One-year Limited Warranty. 

  • Quiet
  • Dual flush
  • Round Shaped bowl 
  • Large trap way
  • Ideal for smaller bathrooms
  • The toilet does not come with a seat.

Best for maximum comfort TOTO Drake II Toilet 

TOTO Drake 2

Another Top-notch Toto’s toilet makes it on our list. The TOTO Drake II is the improved version of the Toto Drake two-piece toilet. The Drake II toilet has a Tornado Flushing mechanism; the double cyclone flushing consists of two nozzles that create a robust centrifugal washing action. With the Tornado flushing system, you won’t need to flush twice; one flush is enough to remove all the waste.  The Toto Drake II has an extra coating of Toto CEFIONTECT glaze; the layer prevents bacteria and mold from sticking to the surface, thus maintaining overall hygiene. 

This modern toilet has 1.28 GPF water consumption for solid and liquid waste, 20% less than government standards. The low water consumption means EPA WaterSense accredits the toilet and the Universal height of the toilet meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards. 

The toilet comes with a one-year limited warranty, which is relatively standard across the market.

  • Large water surface
  • 2 ⅛  Trapway 
  • Double Cyclone flushing technology
  • ADA-compliant
  • Some users found the Toilet Installation manual a bit harder to understand.

American Standard Champion-4

American standard champion 4 toilet

The American Standard Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet, it appeals to anyone who wants a modern design, clog-free, and easier to clean toilet with a robust flushing system. The elongated shape gives an extra sitting area that is super comfortable for the elderly and disabled. The Champion 4 features a strong flushing system that easily flushes large amounts of waste. The 4” flush valve allows water to come out three times stronger than other toilets available in the market. 

The American Standard Champion 4 has a 16-½ Inches seat height making it compliant with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). 

The Champion 4 installation is a piece of cake, anyone with DIY skills can handle it with ease. The best thing about the toilet is the warranty period, the American Standard Champion 4 has a 10-year warranty.

  • Modern Toilet Design 
  • One-piece design 
  • Powerful Flushing System 
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee 
  • Elongated bowl 
  • ADA Compliant 
  • EverClean surface. 
  • Not eligible for rebates
  • Loud 


Things to Consider Buying Best Toilet For Rental Property 

The buying guide is an essential portion of toilet review, it helps people who want to buy a new toilet. In this section, we have discussed the most important point that needs to be considered before buying a toilet. 


The first thing to consider when buying a toilet is the size. If you are renovating the toilet, you need to measure the toilet “rough-in”. The 12” is a Standard toilet rough-in size, but you may have a 10” or 14” rough-in. The measurement will help you in choosing the right toilet that can easily be installed with your present plumbing. 

Toilet Styles

The toilet comes in different styles, but the most common is the two-piece design, where the tank is placed on the bowl. One-piece is another common toilet style, the one-piece toilets are expensive, but are easier to clean since the one-piece toilet lacks joints. As the name implies Wall-Mounted Toilet attaches to the wall. These toilets hang from the wall instead of sitting on the floor. 

Universal Height

Often referred to as ADA compliant toilets, where the rim is 17 to 19 inches above the ground. These toilets are suitable for elders and people with disabilities. These comfort height toilets are approved by the Americans with Disabilities Acts, making them more accessible. 

Flushing Technology

Nowadays toilets use gravity-flushing, they use gravity force to flush the waste. The gravity-fed toilets typically come in a dual-flush design, it reduces water consumption.  In the market, you may come across pressure-assisted flushing technology, where pressurized air forces water to strongly enter the bowl.  

Water Usage

According to EPA WaterSense, a Federal agency a toilet can’t use more than 1.6 GPF water. However, toilet manufacturers are producing high-efficiency toilets that use 1.2 GPF. These highly efficient toilets are referred to as Environment-friendly toilets. 

Bowl Shape

The toilets are available in two unique shapes round and elongated. Many people ignore the importance of toilet shapes, the elongated toilets are super comfortable due to the extra sitting area. Whereas Round shaped toilets are shorter, making them an ideal choice for small-sized bathrooms. 

Noise Level

If you are installing a new toilet next to your baby’s nursery—then you need to consider a noiseless toilet. The gravity-flush toilets are considered the quietest toilets, even some toilets have special fill valves designed to silently fill the tank. Moreover, you can consider buying a soft closing lid, which prevents slamming shut.  


If you are not a DIY guy, you should pick a toilet, which is easy to install. Generally, a plumber takes 20 to 40 USD for toilet installation. They might charge higher if the installation process is tricky. 


The toilet design is the most essential thing, you need to consider when buying a toilet. Toilet design should match the overall bathroom theme. Even the toilet colors are so important, the white color toilet perfectly matches the bathroom decor. 


We hope you have enjoyed reading our best toilet for rental property review. In the article we have tried to cover all the essential information, so you can buy the best toilet for rental property. The aforementioned toilets are the best toilets available in the market, still, we recommend you buying a Toto Ultramax II toilet, it is a modern toilet with all the essential features one desires for. 

We always make sure to regularly up to date as possible. The toilet has a modern design with a powerful flushing system and it is accredited by the EPA WaterSense agency. If we have missed anything about the best toilet for rental property, please write in the comment section, we will update our article. 

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