How Do Led Shower Heads Work?

How Do Led Shower Heads Work

We all take a shower at least once a day to unwind the tiredness of the entire day. To spice up your showering experience, you can install a new LED shower head in your bathroom. The LED shower head uses water flow to generate different color lights. These colors change depending upon the temperature of … Read more

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh?

How much does a toilet weigh

When homeowners are renovating a bathroom or installing a new toilet, they usually emphasize the toilet flushing system, design, and forget smaller details.  People often don’t consider knowing how much does a toilet weigh? The toilets are heavy lifting plumbing products, often requiring more than one person to lift and install them.  So, the question … Read more

Why Are Toilets White?

Have you ever noticed why toilets are white? It is something that crossed my mind, so I decided to find the fact and share it with other people. Toilets are white for several reasons, so let’s get started. Must Read: Best Two Piece Toilets in 2021  Toilets are Made from Porcelain Porcelain is a ceramic … Read more

How to flush a toilet without water?

How to flush a toilet without water

Indoor plumbing is a basic necessity of life; the availability of running water is something we often take for granted unless the water supply is temporarily shut off due to plumbing problems. The unavailability of water prevents us from performing our routine tasks. Even someone might be caught in a situation where he uses the … Read more

How To Clean Toilet Siphon Jet?

How To Clean Toilet Siphon Jet

Did you notice that water is taking time to flow from the toilet tank to the bowl, thus significantly affecting the toilet flushing capability? For most of us, the situation is quite frustrating. Even some users plan to buy a new toilet. Due to clogging, water from the tank slowly enters the bowl, resulting in … Read more

What Cause Plastic toilet seat Yellowing?

What Cause Plastic toilet seat Yellowing?

The yellow stains on the toilet seats are embarrassing and unpleasant. To avoid these stains, you need to take proper care of your toilet. In our topic of discussion, we will discuss the factors causing plastic toilet seat yellowing and methods for removing these stains. Plastic toilet seat yellowing Before buying a new toilet, considering … Read more Protection Status