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How to Choose Placemats – Best Guide to Buying Placemats

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A lot of homes use small placemats to protect their dining tables. Table mats with the right choices can be a great addition to your table décor look and feel. Here is a guide for people who have never given much thought to choosing table mats. When choosing a table mat one should consider various factors.

What Exactly is a Placemat?

A placemat indicates the position of an individual on a table by simply serving as a pad or covering. Placemats differ from tablecloths because they cover only part of your table, not the entire thing.

Traditional placemats are typically used just to cover the tops of tablecloths. The purpose is to prevent food stains and marks from appearing when you serve food on a hot plate.

How to Choose Placemats

When it comes to choosing the right placemat for your table, one must consider the type of table, material, size, and even the occasion. The materials used to create the fabulous placemats can be varied, depending on the intended purpose. 

You can buy placemats in many different materials, including cotton, linen, wood, vinyl, plastic, bamboo, and many more. Material can be classified into natural and synthetic materials.

1. Natural vs. Synthetic Placemats

 Synthetic Placemats

Several natural materials are used to make placemats, including cotton, linen, wooden, and jute. Leather or recycled wood is also used extensively.

Synthetic placemats may contain harsh chemicals which may have a detrimental effect on our health. A healthy alternative to synthetic placemats is a placemat made from natural fibers. Placemats made of synthetic materials are affordable and easy to clean. 

2. Cotton Placemats

Cotton Placemats

These placemats are made from natural fibers and are easy to clean. However, cotton placemats may stain easily.

3. Plastic Placemats

How to Choose Placemats – Best Guide to Buying Placemats

Synthetic materials are used to make plastic placemats. The placemats are water-resistant and easy to clean. Whether you’re looking for playful or subtle colors, there’s no lack of options.

4. Jute Placemats

Your mealtime is made more special and homey with its rustic look. Jute placemats, however, are not as durable or washable as cotton placemats.

5. Cork Placemats

Cork placemats are among the best heat-resistant placemats because they can withstand heated pots. Their durability and protection of the glass surface prevent it from getting scratched or burnt, while their shapes and designs add beauty to a table.

6. Wood Placemats

The use of wood placemats adds a touch of tradition and rustic charm to the décor. The placemats are made of heat-resistant and recycled material. 

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Choosing Placemats Based on their Styles

It is possible to categorize placemats into several different types, each depending on the materials that are used to make them, locally or traditionally.

Your table’s intricate patterns should be reflected in your placemats. Therefore, you should choose the best placemats based on the surface’s texture, whether it’s marble or glass, or wood.

An elegant placemat that contrasts with the dining table would create an aspiring look than a bore plain design. Similarly, a placemat for the round table has different rules they should be aligned with the edge of the table and not overlap.

Choosing the Right Placemat for the Right Event

If you are expecting guests and want to impress, you should go with something lavish and modest. A Chilewich placemat is highly recommended in this case. They have a really attractive look because of their bold nature and the art on top. 

If you are looking for everyday use placemats, you may choose plain cloth, fabric, or hardboard placemats. These placemats are easy to use and washable. 

Placemats can now be customized as well. Now you can order one, and pick the size, color, and even the theme of your choice. There are many placemats on the market with designs for a particular event, like New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They are usually made of vinyl.


Tablemats serve as a protection for the table as well as a means of preventing burns, spills, and scratches. You should consider a variety of factors before choosing the proper placemat, including the occasion, the material, the purpose, the shape, the design, and the color. The best idea is to purchase at least three different sets of placemats so that you can use them on different occasions. We hope our guide “How to choose placemats” helps you select the best placemat that is suitable for your dining needs.