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How To Fillet A Crappie With Electric Knife: A Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on March 15, 2022 by Sarah

The crappie is one of the tasty freshwater fish. A variety of fishing methods can be used to catch them, making them available year-round. Catching the fish is only one part and the easiest part of the story

Cleaning the fish still needs to be done before you can eat it. You may have heard Cleaning crappie is not an easy task. Making fillets out of a bunch requires quite a bit of time and effort. There are several different techniques used to clean fish, and not everyone is familiar with them.

[su_panel color=”#010a15″ border=”1px solid #2783df”]Let’s take a look at how to fillet a crappie with an electric knife.[/su_panel]

With an electric knife, you can fillet an entire bucket of crappies in no time. very quickly. Electric knives take less time than traditional knives.

Both conventional knives and electric knives work similarly. A regular knife, however, will make the process very time-consuming, because you will need to make precise cuts to prepare the fillet. Hence, you will be able to save both time and energy by using an electric knife.

How To Fillet A Crappie With Electric Knife
fresh fish fillet on wooden board, top view

How to Fillet a Crappie with Electric Knife?

Depending on your preference, you can make your fish fillet with or without the skin. You can make a fish fillet with skin and without it as well. Therefore, it is important to decide how you want your fillet.


You will need the following tools to fillet crappie with an electric knife:

  1. Electric Fillet Knife.
  2. Cutting Board.
  3. Gloves.
  4. Ice (to keep the fish fresh).

Cleaning and Preparing Fish for Filleting

  • Prepare the Fish

For preparing a fish you need to have a cutting area and a bucket of water. Keeping the water cold will help keep the fish clean and prevent dirt and blood from adhering to their fur.

A basic understanding of the fish’s bones is helpful. If you fail to do this, you might end up with some bones on your plate. Once you have opened the fish, remove all of the innards. Rinse them under cold water for thorough cleaning. 

  • Choose the Tool

Next, you need to decide what tool you will use. Make your process easier by choosing the best electric fillet knife. The length and the edge of the blade are also important factors to consider when choosing an electric fillet knife. Also, make sure the handle grip is comfortable. A poor grip handle can cause discomfort when cutting the fish. 

Some of the well-known knives include Rapala Electric Fillet Knife, Electric Fillet Knife by Bubba, and Electric Fillet Knife by American Angler PRO.  We have a complete article about the best electric fillet knife. The article covers the main features of top electric fillet knives with pros and cons. 

Steps to Fillet Crappie with an Electric Knife

After you’ve washed the fish and are ready to use the electric knife, it’s time to get started. Below are the steps for filleting the fish.

  • Fish Placement

The fish should be placed horizontally on the cutting board. If you are right-handed, position the fish head on the left side. If you are left-handed, the fish’s head should face your right.  If you don’t have a cutting board, you can also use another level surface.

  • Cutting the Head of the Fish

Once you have correctly positioned your fish, it’s time to start cutting. The sharp edge of the electric fillet knife should point toward the head of the fish. Gently apply pressure behind the fish’s pectoral fin and cut in.

  • Filleting without removing the skin

Below are the guidelines for filleting with skin.

  1. Before you begin cutting the crappie, remove the scales.
  2. Once the scales have been removed from the fish, slide the knife horizontally through it. Keeping the backbone intact is important since you can use it as a guide while you cut.
  3. By using the pointed part of your knife, you can easily remove the crappie’s rib cage.
  4. Fillets are ready.

How to Remove the Skin from the Fillet

You can follow these steps to get a skinless fillet.

  1. With your palm, gently press the crappie. Slowly move the knife until it gets close to the tail. Make sure you don’t cut the tail of the fish. 
  2. Flip it open once you have cut it.
  3. The next step is to remove the fish’s ribs. Use your knife to apply light pressure under the attached rib cage.  
  4. Make sure the fillet is boneless. If there are still bones, you should remove them.
  5. When the fillet is boneless, it’s time to drop it into a cold-water bucket.

How to Fillet a Crappie with an Electric Knife? – Proven Tips

We have compiled a list of tips on how to fillet your crappie simply and most easily.  Before you start filleting you must master the use of the electric knife. Once you learn the use of the electric knife, you can easily fillet the fish with great control.

When the fillets are prepared, make sure they are placed on ice. So, if you plan on instantly cleaning your crappie, we suggest you should have a cooler to keep them cool. This method will keep the fish fresh for a longer time.

If The fish must be washed with cold water before you cook them if they still have blood or scales. If the fish isn’t properly washed, it absorbs water and becomes hard to cook. If you have that issue, you can pat the fish dry with paper towels.


There is nothing better than eating crappie. But if you don’t know how to fillet a crappie with an electric knife you may spoil the day. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to do this. Even though crappie cleaning is tricky, it isn’t as complicated as some people might think.

In the article, we have shared all the essential information, you should know before filleting the crappie. The use of an electric fillet knife will not only save time but also reduce the effort of filleting. So, make things easier with the electric fillet knife. We hope our article about How to Fillet a Crappie with an Electric Knife proves helpful. If you have any questions, please write in the comment section.