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How to Play Baseball Darts? (Rules, Variations, Tricks)

Last Updated on April 22, 2022 by Sarah

In America, the baseball darts game is one of the most popular dart games. Dartboards sometimes come with a baseball darts game on the other side. The dartboard sections have every single detail including the strikes, balls, strikes, outs, and tactics such as stolen bases.

To play baseball darts, players just need a basic understanding of how to play baseball darts. Like a baseball game, the darts game lasts for nine innings. ‘Baseball darts require two or more players to play. In, the “How to Play Baseball Darts” article, we have listed the rules, variations, and terms associated with Baseball darts.

Getting Started With Baseball Darts

The game starts by preparing the scoreboard. The card has a total of ten rows 9 rows to represent the 9 innings and one below indicates the total scores. In this game, the number of people participating determines the number of columns. 

The home-run circle can be used to divide the players. Each player aims for the circle; players who miss to the left will join one team, while players who miss to the right join another team. If the player hits the circle, he has a choice of team.

The order in which the players will play and compete will be determined by throwing darts on the board.  As a rule, the player who is closest to the bull will play first, followed by the player who is farthest away. In this order, the name of the players will be written on the scoreboard. 

  • Number of Players Required: 1-Unlimited.
  • Who Can Play It: Recommended for any dart lover, from kids to adults.
  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  • Length of Play: 25 – 40 mins
  • Main Goal: Score the highest by hitting the active number of each inning.

How to Play Baseball Darts?

How to Play Baseball Darts

Just like baseball, the goal of the game is to score as many runs as possible. The baseball dart is played with numbers from 1-9. Each player throws three darts one by one towards the numbers associated with the innings. For example, if the game is in the 5th inning, only hits on the number 5 will count as a ‘home run’. If you throw a dart and land on a number other than the inning number, this score will not be counted in your total score. A hit in the single section scores one run, a double is worth two runs, and a triple is worth three runs.

The first inning ends when all players have taken their shots, and then the second inning begins where the number 2 will be your targeting area. You will repeat this until you have completed all 9 innings. 

How to Win Baseball Darts

After completing the innings, the players have to add up the score on the scorecard. It goes on and the player with the most runs will be the winner. However, The 7th inning is sometimes referred to as the “7th inning stretch rule” to add some variation to it. 

In case a player scores zero in the 7th innings, then their total score up to that point will behalf. The goal is to add some thrill to the game. In the event of a tie after the 9th inning, an extra-inning will be played.

Basic Rules of Baseball Darts

The baseball darts have the same fouls as in other dart games. In the event a player steps over the line, they forfeit their turn and the score will not be counted. The player is considered to have missed the target if he hits any other column besides the inning’s target number.

Common Terms in Baseball Darts 

  • Innings
    An Inning is a round of the game during which the players take turns. The 1st innings indicate the 1st turn of all the players, once everyone finishes throwing, the 2nd innings begin. 
  • Rings
    In darts, rings on the board determine the score. An outermost ring is referred to as a ‘double’, a black and white are referred to as ‘singles’, and a middle ring is called a ‘triple’. 
  • Runs
    Points are referred to as runs. In an inning, a player may score only when he hits the designated target number. If you hit a single space on your target number, you score 1, a double is worth 2, and a triple earns you 3 scores.

Video Demonstration: How to Play Baseball Darts?

Alternative games to Baseball Darts

Baseball Darts is a great group game for beginners and experts. However, the baseball darts have some amazing alternatives. Around the clock is an amazing game that you can play in a group. The killer is another great alternative that can be played on a standard dartboard. It is an incredible and fun game. 

Wrapping Up: How to Play Baseball Darts

Baseball darts are an ideal game to play with your family and friends. It is incredibly easy to learn. It helps improve your aim and dart throwing techniques. So next time, whenever your friends visit for a party, consider playing baseball, it will turn into great fun for everyone. We hope our article about “How to Play Baseball Darts” helps you in learning the rules and method of playing the game. If you have any questions related to playing baseball darts, please feel free to write in the comment section. 

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