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How To Play Killer Darts (Rules, Variations, Tricks)

Last Updated on February 5, 2022 by Sarah

How To Play Killer Darts: If you’re tired of playing the same dart games over and over again. We have a game for you; The Killer is an exciting and fun game that will appeal to players of all ages. It is one of the games that is uniquely suited to odd numbers of players and large groups. In addition to playing quickly, Killer is also ideal for big groups because it creates a light-hearted tension and a level of excitement all at once.

This ‘Killer’ darts game guide will provide everything you need to know to get started. So without delay, let’s get started with “How to play Killer Darts.”

Short Summary: How to play Killer Darts

How to play killer darts: To play killer darts, each player is assigned a number on the dartboard which corresponds to them. To become a killer, the player must hit the doubles area of their number. In this way, they can eliminate other players. There are three lives available to each player, and one is taken when a double is hit.

How To Play Killer Darts

What is ‘Killer’?

In ‘Killer’ players compete against one another – though they can also team up. The game is played to the last man standing, which will see each participant knocked out until one remains.

  • Main Goal: Eliminate all participants by becoming ‘KILLER’ first.
  • Number of Players Required:  3-20 players can participate, though 5-8 are recommended for best results.

Killer Darts Rules

Playing killer Darts is a great fun. The Killer Darts rules are simple and  is divided into three phases. During the first phase of the game, each player determines their “number.” The other players need to hit this target to eliminate you. Next, each player throws one dart at the dartboard. Players must make the preliminary throw with their non-dominant hand. A left-hander will throw the dart from their right hand and so on. Each player will now be assigned a number based on how many hits they make during this phase.

In this phase, each player will be assigned a number based on the number of hits they receive.

The same number cannot be assigned to two players at the same time. Players who hit a number already assigned to another player will need to throw another dart to get a number.  As soon as everyone has been assigned a unique number, they will use their natural hand for playing the rest of the game. 

In the second phase of the game, each player has to become a killer and eliminate other players. 

To become a killer, you must land your dart in the double section of your number. Once you have the killer badger, you can move to the third phase of the game, where the killing and the elimination fun begins. 

In the third Phase killer will get three attempts to score against the opponents in each round by landing the dart in their doubles. 

When the double gets hit, the opponent will lose one of their lives. When knocking your opponent, don’t hit your own double otherwise, you will lose a life. Even after a player reaches the third phase, he has three attempts left to hit their doubles and gain killer status. The game ends when only one player remains on the scoreboard.

How To Score Killer Darts

Getting a score is easy. The names or initials of each player will appear on the left side of the board. In addition to their name, you will also mark their number. As soon as the players and numbers are confirmed, you can draw a division line on the scoreboard.

In the opposite direction of the dividing line, you will write three 1s next to each name, signifying the remaining lives. You can now begin playing the game. As soon as someone becomes a killer, you mark their name with a K. 

Every time a killer takes a life, you will remove the opponent’s life on the board.  The last player left standing on the scoring board wins.

Variations of Killer Darts

Around the world, the Killer Darts have different variations that can be enjoyed depending upon the skill and number of players. 

  • During games with larger groups, you can handicap the more skilled players by making them score three points to become Killers and knock the other players. 
  • You can change the total number of lives. 
  • Before starting the game, players can choose a number without the darts. 
  • You can play in pairs or a team of three players.
  • The blind killer is a popular variation. In blind killer, everyone starts as a killer. No player knows which number is assigned to the opponent. Write your number on a paper; when everyone is done, write the numbers on the board. 
  • Allowing only one killer at a time. You can steal the status of the killer by hitting double several times.

Tips For Killer Darts

As the dart is highly competitive, you can use various forms of strategy to gain the upper hand on some of your opponents. In a larger group, when playing against a skilled player, you can team up with other players to eliminate the most dangerous players as soon as possible.

Although this seems like a good idea, if you upset the killer, he might decide to eliminate a particular player and eliminate the alliance one by one. If you have good aim, you can use your off-hand to aim away from other players. So that during the scoring phase, you will be less likely to land on your own accidentally. Avoid killing players with assigned numbers that are adjacent to your own. If you miss their shots and hit your own, you will lose a life. 

During the first phase of the game, avoid hitting the bulls-eye unless you believe in your team’s skills. Hitting the bull’s-eye can increase the game difficulty as the skilled players can eliminate you during the scoring phase. 

Alternative games to ‘Killer’

The ‘Killer’ game is suitable for larger groups of players. However, if you have fewer players, we would suggest you play Baseball Darts. 

The games like 301 darts or 501 are intended for those who are particularly interested in darts. If you are looking for fun, you could play “Around the Clock” darts. If you want a more complicated and fun game, start playing Shanghai. 

We hope the article helps you learn how to play the killer darts; if we have missed any killer variation, write in the comment section. 

How To Play Killer in Darts FAQ’s

How can I improve my darts skills with this game?

There’s no doubt that playing Killer is a fun way to improve your darts skills. In this game, players are encouraged to shoot at places on the dartboard they may not usually aim at. Furthermore, it encourages players to aim for the doubles and triples. By hitting these, you have a better chance of winning.

If I’m on “KILLER”, what would happen if I hit my own number?

You will have to deduct scores from your account. It makes the game harder by doing this. Whenever possible, try to avoid doing this.