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How To Play Knockout Darts (Rules, Variations, Tricks)

Last Updated on February 5, 2022 by Sarah

The knockout is one of the most competitive and easiest dart games you have ever heard about. Our goal in today’s post is to discuss how to play knockout darts. Since few rules can be changed, therefore, the game becomes more enjoyable and competitive as it goes.

Quick Look At Knockout Dart

Knockout Darts Rules

The knockout dart can be played by any number of players but a minimum of two players. Each player will throw the dart, with a goal of the highest score. If the first player throws three single 1s, he or she will not be penalized.

It is then the 2nd player’s turn to throw a dart. The goal is to get a higher score than the predecessor. Similarly, the 3rd player must score more than the 2nd player, the 4rth must beat 3rd, and so on. The loop goes on until you reach the first player, who must try to beat the last player.

Whenever a player fails to outscore the preceding player, they will receive a strike. It will be marked in front of their name on the scoreboard. If any player receives three strikes, they will be knocked out of the game.  The last remaining player will be the winner.

How To Play Knockout darts

Let’s take a look at an example of knockout darts. Suppose we have three players: 

Round 1:

  • Player 1 scores 40.
  • Player 2 has to score more than 40 points. The player managed to score 60 points. 
  • Next, player 3 has to beat player 2 scores. Player 3 only scores 50 points, the player 3 will receive a strike beside their name on the scoreboard. 

Round 2:

  • Now player 1 will throw the dart to beat player 3 score, which is 50. Player 1 scored 80 points. 
  • Player 2 has to beat the player 1 score. He failed to score 80 or more and receive a strike. 
  • The next player 3 outscores the player two and scores 100 points. 

Round 3:

  • The knockout game continues until all the players get eliminated.

Knockout Darts Scoring

This game does not require players to keep track of how much the player has scored. You only need to remember the score of the previous player so you can beat it. 

Knockout Darts Strategy

Due to the simplicity of the game, there is not much strategy involved. In this game, it does not matter whether you throw first or second since there is only one goal: to beat the score of the player throwing before you. There is only one thing that matters: a high score.

How To Play Knockout Darts: Conclusion 

The knockout dart is intended to be a fun game, not to be taken too seriously. In “How to play Knockout Darts” we have tried to cover all the possible dimensions: game rules, variations, and strategy to win the game. 

Knockout Darts: FAQ’s

Knockout Darts – How long does a game last?

The length of a game of knockout darts can vary from five to thirty minutes, depending upon the number of players and the skills.

What is Throwing distance for knockout darts?

When playing Knockout dart you need to follow the standard measurements
For a steel tip dartboard: 7′ 9 1/4″
For a soft tip dartboard: 8′