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How to Play Shanghai Darts (Rules, Variations, Tricks)

Last Updated on February 5, 2022 by Sarah

If you wish to play an easy dart game without any complicated rules, there are plenty of dart games to choose from. Among all the variants, Shanghai is quite a popular game. The game can be played with any number of players.

The Chinese word “Shanghai” refers to scoring Single, Double, and triple of the same number within the same turn. Despite being an easy game to play, Shanghai is famous for nail-biting comebacks because the target number changes each round and the total score depends on that number.

Shanghai dart game is played in 20 innings to score the most points in the course of 20 innings. In this guide, we will explain the game setup, how to play Shanghai darts, scoring tips to get an edge over the competitor.

Quick Look At How to Play Shanghai Dart

  • Number of players: 1-Unlimited
  • Total Rounds: 1-20
  • Goal: Scoring most points by the end of 20 innings

Shanghai Darts Rules

There is a simple way to choose the order in which the darts are thrown. All the players will aim the bullseye, the player with the closest strike goes first, and so on. Thereafter, the names are written across the scoreboard in order. On the left side of the same board, the numbers from 1 to 20 are written. The scoreboard is further divided into columns for calculating the player’s score. During each round, players will throw three darts to score the highest possible score.

To score the dart must land on the same number wedge as the round. For example, to score points in the first round, you need to hit the first number. In the second round, players need to hit the number two, and so on until round 20, where players need to hit the number 20. If you hit a number other than the round number, no point will be awarded.

The outer ring is called a “doubles” ring, strike in the area will count 2 points. The thin inner ring is ‘triples’ and counts 3 points. For example, in the first round, the minimum score can be single, and the maximum is three when a player hits the triples. Round 7 has a minimum score of 7 and a maximum of 21. The player with the highest score within the 20 rounds wins.

How to Play Shanghai Darts

Tips for Winning Shanghai Darts

A player automatically wins if one of his darts lands on the single, second on the double, and the last on the triple. This will help to instantaneously end the game. However, the players with the remaining throw of the round may attempt to square up the round.

The best way to improve your performance is to practice with more and more single-number grids. It will make you a good grouping player. In grouping, you need to throw three darts close to each other. If you successfully strike a double or triple on the first throw, go for Shanghai. Even if they don’t reach Shanghai, they will have a decent score.

Shanghai Darts: Variations

Like other dart games, Shanghai Darts has many variations. These variations help with improving the player’s skills and make it harder to win. The most common Shanghai variations include altering the total number of rounds. For a larger group of players, 20 rounds will take a lot of time. You can reduce the number of rounds to 7 or even less. There can also be additional rules, such as making certain numbers a must-hit. A player who misses any of these numbers is automatically disqualified.

How to Play Shanghai Darts: Conclusion

Shanghai darts game is great fun for people of all ages. Any number of players can play the game. Using Shanghai variations, you can add more fun and thrill to the game. Shanghai is a great way to practice hitting the double, treble, and increase dart skills to conquer other dart games. We hope our “How to Play Shanghai Darts” helps, learning everything one should know about Shanghai darts (shanghai darts rules, variations, etc.). If we have missed anything, write in the comment section.

How to Play Shanghai Darts (FAQ)

How Long Does a Shanghai Darts Game Last?

Usually, the game lasts from 15 to 60 minutes. However, the time varies depending upon the number of players and the number of rounds. The game will last for 20 to 30 seconds If you score Shanghai during the first round.

What is the throw distance in Shanghai darts?

When playing Shanghai darts, the dartboard needs to hang according to the standard throwing measurements.

What is the throw distance in Shanghai darts?

When playing Shanghai darts, the dartboard needs to hang according to the standard throwing measurements.
For a steel tip dartboard: 7′ 9 1/4″
For a soft tip dartboard: 8′

Is there a possibility of a tie in Shanghai Darts?

Although very unlikely, it is absolutely possible for a game of Shanghai darts to end in a tie.

What things are required to Play Shanghai Darts?

 All you need is a player, a dartboard, darts (at least three darts), and a way to keep score.

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