How to Remove Object From Toilet Trap?

Toddlers are fascinated by toilets, and they throw the toys, Keys, and other objects resulting in clogging or toilet overflow. For kids, this can be great fun, but it can grind the parent’s life to a halt. Before calling a professional plumber, here are some proven methods you need to follow if the kids have flushed the toys or any other objects.

Assess the Situation 

Small objects may not cause clogging and easily down, before getting started with a possible solution flush the toilet to assess if the water goes down smoothly. Now wad up some toilet paper and flush again. Toilet papers stick on the edges of items stuck in the trap and cause clogging. If the toilet smoothly flushes, it indicates the item has passed through the trap down to the mainline. However, if the toilet does not flush smoothly, something is still trapped.

How to Remove Object From Toilet Trap

Use your hand to grab the object

If the object is visible You can use your hand to remove the object from the toilet trap. Roll up your sleeves, put on elbow-length gloves. Now slowly reach down the bowl, grab the object and slowly pull out the object. After the process uses good quality hand sanitizer to thoroughly clean your hands.

Use a Toilet Auger 

If you are hesitating to use your hands for removing the object, you can use a toilet auger for removing items stuck in the toilet drain. The tool is specially designed to clear clogs when a plunger does not work. The toilet auger’s flexible cable is operated using a hand crank, its sturdy and smooth head helps dislodge the tough clogs.

  • When using a toilet auger cable use a pair of gloves. Insert the auger into the toilet bowl, you will be able to the housing.
  • Use one hand to firmly hold the toilet auger and the other hand to crank
  • Rotate the cable several times once it has reached its full extension, the cable will push the clog, slowly pull the auger out of the toilet by rotating the handle and pulling backward.
  • After the cable is removed, flush the toilet to check if the water is smoothly flowing, flush the toilet several times to make sure no clog is left.

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RIDGID 59787 K-3 Toilet Auger

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The Ridgid’s K-6 Professional Toilet Auger has a drophead that will grab items in the toilet. The auger has a vinyl guard to prevent the toilet from getting scratched and chipped.

Use Plunger

Plunging is the most effective way for a clogged toilet, but sometimes it does not work. The method perfectly works for removing rags stuck in your toilet. The plunger suction can either push the item further down into the pipe drain or pull it out.  For removing the clog, follow before mentioned steps. 

  1. Firstly, choose the best kind of plunger for the job. Flange plungers offer more suction, especially for the toilet trap. 
  2. For effective suction and seal, ensure there is enough water in the toilet bowl. 
  3. Set the plunger inside the toilet bowl. Place it at the mouth of the toilet trap to allow water into the cup and press over the hole to create a seal. 
  4. Firmly pump and keep the plunger at the same position to maintain the seal. 
  5. Plunge five to ten times and see if the item has been removed? If not, keep plunging. 

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MR. SIGA is an affordable double-duty option. It comes with both a toilet brush and a plunger with a holding compartment. The brush has dense nylon bristles that give a thorough cleaning.

Using a vacuum

Before using the vacuum method, you need to remove the vacuum collection tank, filter, and dry bag. Now turn the vacuum on and insert the hose deep inside the drain, until you feel the object. Start sucking the water with the vacuum until the item passes through the hose. When you have retrieved the item, flush your toilet at least 5 to 7 times.

Dissemble the Toilet 

Last but not least, you can remove the toilet to pull out the item. Firstly turn off the water supply, usually, the shutoff valve is located behind the toilet.

  • Remove the toilet tank to ensure no more water flows into the toilet bowl.
  • Remove all the screws and bolts holding your toilet.
  • Detach your water supply line by clockwise twisting of the plastic bolts and remove the toilet.
  • Look inside the toilet and retrieve the item from the toilet.
  • Once the object is removed, place the toilet in its original position. Connect the water supply pipes and turn the valve back on.
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The toilet drainpipe carrying waste is 3 to 4 inches in diameter, depending upon the building construction codes. Due to large draining pipes, anything that was mistakenly thrown into the toilet once slipped through the toilet elbow trap, is gone into the drain forever. However, if the object gets stuck trying to remove the accidentally flash object as fast as possible. We hope our “How to Remove Object From Toilet Trap?” article helps you. If you want to share your experience, please write in the comment section.

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