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How To Throw Darts With Precision

Last Updated on February 5, 2022 by Sarah

This article will help you learn how to throw darts with precision? Throwing a dart with precision will make you a great dart player.  If you want your dart to be precise, you must keep your elbow up and focus on the target. During the throw, your upper arm should remain immobile and serve as a base for releasing the dart.

By following our Dart throwing steps, your dart game will improve greatly.

The Art of Aiming Darts (How To Throw Darts Consistently?)

Every Dart player has their own way of aiming the darts. Here are some benchmarks you can follow to get started. You should align the dart, the target, and your eyes. Although it may look simple, regular training is required. Once you become consistent at throwing darts, you may realize that where you aim isn’t necessarily where the dart lands.

Dart Stance

It means, your feet must be in the right position. There are three main variations of the darts stance, so you should test them all to see which one suits you best. The variation allows you to aim properly, efficiently and freely swinging the arm and keeping the body stable. 

  • The first stance is turning to face the dartboard from the side of your body. 
  • The second position is to place one foot forward and the other behind.
  • The third stance is to face the dartboard with both feet, this stance makes balance difficult. 

Balance is the key component of your stance. If you are off-balanced, your throw might miss the target. The front of your body should bear most of your weight, with a ratio of 60:40.

Gripping Technique

Before you learn how to shoot with accuracy you must learn how to hold a dart with precision. A dart can actually be held in a variety of ways depending on your preference and it may take some trial to determine how you like to hold it.

Firstly, you need to find the point where the dart balances on your finger. When you grip, your thumb should be just slightly behind the centre of gravity. Holding the dart at its centre of gravity will help it stay balanced during the flight and will improve its accuracy.

Start with three or four fingers of your grip. Though you can carry it with two fingers, it is not stable enough to provide a steady aim when you throw it. When throwing the dart, hold it with the thumb on one side and the two fingers on the other to prevent twisting.

  • The Right Grip Pressure – In any sport, it is important not to grip too tightly. Of course, it is also important not to grip the dart so loosely that it falls out.
  • Keep Your Fingers Open – Open two or three fingers that are not gripping the dart. If you hold the dart with your fingers closed against your palm, you are putting more tension on the fingers, making throwing more difficult. You can get a better sense of precision by keeping the fingers free.

Tips For Throwing Darts

The dart throw should be smooth, from gripping to releasing the dart. To get your dart on target, your body needs to be in alignment.

Speed – Your rate of throw affects your accuracy. Some people put a great deal of effort into planning each shot. In the beginning, it is important to take some time before throwing the dart. It will help improve your aiming. Once you start finding the right spot, you need to work on the pace of throwing the darts. Finding the right pace will significantly improve your game. 

Stay focused – You must remain focused unless you stop to do a count or reposition yourself following a shot. It is good to throw darts in a 1-2-3 pattern. When you are throwing darts, don’t get distracted by talking with someone standing next to you. The distraction will seriously hurt your game. 

Track Your Throw – For uplifting the game, we suggest you record your throw from both sides and front. Compare the throw with the old one to observe the changes in throwing position and angle. By doing so, you can determine where you need improvements. 

The Factors That Impact Your Dart’s Trajectory

how to throw darts

The answer to how to throw darts with precision lies in the right dart trajectory.


The thrower height will determine the position of throwing the dart. The position will have a direct effect on trajectory. 

Weight Of The Dart

Darts that weigh more will fly farther and straighter in the air than lighter ones. Changes to your dart weight is one of the simplest means of improving your game.

Angle Of Your Dart

Despite not being the most important consideration, your dart should fly forward. Throwing a dart sideways at the board will cause the tip to spin forward. Your dart will follow a straighter, smoother trajectory when it has a good angle.

Release Point

Last but not least, we should pay attention to when you release your dart. Put the dart 3 inches from your face and release it. Consider releasing it when your arm is extended. You have direct control over whether your dart is going to hit higher or lower on the board by releasing it at the right time.

How to Throw A Dart Correctly

how to throw good darts

The throwing strategy you use depends on your skill level. While playing 501, you need to hit high numbers consistently. 

Beginner Strategy

A Stanford University statistician, Ryan Tibshirani, conducted a study detailing how novice players attain treble 20 accuracies by aiming for 5mm. It is best to aim at treble 19 if players’ accuracy is within 25mm. According to him, for beginners, hitting the bulls-eye is the best thing they can do, as they tend to get better scores than when they aim for a treble 20.

Advanced Strategy

As your skills improve, try throwing more precisely for your aim. Try to aim for the ’20s and 19’s. With some improvements noted, you need to concentrate on scoring 20’s and 19’s. A score of over 40 is achieved by hitting two out of three darts, which is way above the scores obtained by hitting all three darts in the 15-10 and 14-11 sections.

Tips On Avoiding Already On-Board Darts

If you focus on a target and hit it twice, keep in mind that the darts already on the board may prevent your dart from sticking. Now It’s time to shift to the side with enough space. Having enough space will enable you to shoot accurately.

At this stage, you will need to shift to the side with ample space and angle towards the board. This will give you ample space on the board to aim at. It requires practice as you are already used to hitting the same spot on the board, so you must reset yourself. Beginners should keep throwing and don’t worry about adjustments since they will make learning more difficult.


When it comes to throwing darts like a professional, repetition and practice are crucial. The right stance, grip, and aiming will improve your throwing skills and play a major role in shot quality and consistency. Practising at least twenty minutes a day will increase your shot quality and accuracy within weeks if you do it consistently. We have tried to cover every possible angle about how to throw darts with precision. If you find the article useful, don’t forget to share tricks on how to throw good darts; happy learning.