Kohler Devonshire Toilet Review

One-year limited warranty
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Kohler Devonshire Toilet Review


  • Color: Ice Gray
  • Material: China
  • Brand: Kohler
  • Item: Weight 98 Pounds
  • Shape: Elongated

Kohler Devonshire Toilet Review: 

Kohler toilet has a wide variety of toilet models to choose from, making it quite hard to pick the right Kohler toilet. With its high durability and great looks, the Kohler Devonshire toilet stands out among Kohler toilets. It is an efficient two-piece toilet; the Devonshire has a retro style that will add a touch of class to your bathroom. The Devonshire Kohler toilet has an elongated bowl design which will enhance the users’ comfort.

Devonshire Kohler toilet Review

We’ll review the essential features that make the Devonshire a great toilet.

Design and Material

The Devonshire is composed of vitreous china and is available in two unique colors (Ice Gray & Biscuit). The vitreous china will enhance the overall toilet life. It also features a durable chrome trip lever for toilet flushing.
Due to the two-piece design, it is easy to install; you will get all the essentials; floor hardware, wax ring, manual guide, so you can easily install it.

Flushing System 

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Beauty aside, you will love that the Kohler Devonshire delivers excellent flushing power that can move large solids. The Kohler Devonshire series uses AquaPiston technology, allowing water to flow in a 360-degree motion. In addition, this single flush system uses gravity to create a siphon as the water moves from the bowl to the trap-way, easily flushing all waste. Overall, the flushing system is pretty straightforward, so it should be easy to use without much fuss.

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Water Consumption

The Kohler Devonshire series consumes 1.28 GPF water per flush. The Devonshire toilet is accredited by WaterSense; it consumes 20% less water than the standard defined by the federal agency. With Devonshire, you will use 16,500 less gallons of water. Low water consumption is not only great for the environment, but they help you reduce your water bill.

Installation Ease

Due to the two-piece design, Devonshire is easy to install. A person with basic DIY skills can easily manage to install the toilet. Devonshire’s standard rough-in design has a 12-inch depth and comes with pre-installed tank bolts so that the tank can be attached swiftly.

Pricing and Warranty 

We believe the Devonshire is a midrange to high price range toilet. The overall toilet design and the features are comparable to its competitors. Even though the Devonshire may share many similarities, the flush performance can make all the difference.

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Height and Shape

The Devonshire is an ADA-compliant toilet; it is 17-¼ inches above the ground height. It is, therefore, easier for seniors with mobility or disability problems. People with disabilities can benefit from Devonshire. As their special needs were kept in mind when designing the toilet. Moreover, the elongated toilet bowl will make it more comfortable to sit on the bowl.


Rohler is a well-known brand with years of experience. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty to its customers despite their trust. It gives buyers the peace of mind to return it if the toilet is damaged or defective.



  • Comfortable Chair height
  • Elongated bowl
  • Low Water Consumption
  • Strong flushing system
  • ADA and EPA watersense certified
  • Toilet Seat is sold separately


Conclusion: Devonshire Kohler Toilet Review 

If you are looking for an affordable option, the Kohler Devonshire series is an excellent option. The Devonshire is accredited by ADA and WaterSense. The toilet consumes 1.28 GPF; it helps to reduce your water bill. Even in some states, you will qualify for rebates.  

With its antique design and beautiful appearance, this toilet will transform your bathroom. Besides, Kohler gives buyers a one-year limited warranty. Therefore, we hope our Kohler Devonshire Toilet Review will help you make the right decision still; if you have any questions regarding Kohler Devonshire toilet right in the comment section.

Kohler devonshire series: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the Kohler Devonshire toilet have a rough-in of 10 inches?

The Kohler Devonshire is not available with a 10-inch rough-in. If you have a 10-inch rough-in, consider buying a different model.

Does the Devonshire package include a toilet seat?

The Devonshire toilet does not come with a toilet seat. We strongly recommend purchasing a soft-close seat, since this will help reduce noise generated when the toilet is closed.

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