Are you studying at a university? Do you want to make writing your passion? Well, if you are incredibly interested in making video blogs, then here is good news for you. Empire Toilet is pleased to announce its “Innovative Writing Scholarship Competition” based on video blogs for the sessions 2020-2021.

The scholarship is not of a hundred or two hundred bucks, but this time we’ve decided to provide a whopping 2000 dollars to the winner of this competition.

So, everyone seems pretty excited about the competition. Hence, keep one thing in mind first of all that this scholarship is meant for the students regardless of the institution they are studying in.

So, this scholarship is simply meant for you if you are a passionate Empire Toilet and studying either in a college or a university.

Talking more, let’s give you more insights regarding the participation criteria, our demand from you, the benefits of the scholarship, how to submit the content, and some T&Cs.

Criteria for Participation:

The first and foremost criteria that we have set to enter the competition is being a student regardless of wherever you are studying. We offer this scholarship to students studying in colleges, universities, or postgraduate studies.

Apart from that, the main criteria are as follows:

  1. A student should be studying in the institution for the session 2021.
  2. CGPA matters. Students must have at least a 2.4 CGPA score to enter the competition for a scholarship.
  3. A student must possess basic knowledge regarding how to make a video blog or how to edit one.

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, then we’ll be welcoming you to enter the competition with open hands.

Empire Toilet’s Demand From You:

We don’t need anything complicated from you or something that is not possible. After all, fair and justified competition is what everyone demands.

So, the only demand we have from you is to write a detailed essay of 5000 words on the topic, “How to Make an Attractive Empire Toilet.”

Yeah, this is it. You can add relevant information regarding everything you need to make your essay look distinctive from others.

While you will be writing 5000 words, keep in mind that plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will result in direct rejection. We have a team of almost 50 copywriters who’ll be scrutinizing your work, and if there’s even a slight suspicion of plagiarized content, we’ll discard your entry without a single doubt.

Benefits of the Scholarship:

In case you win the competition, then the advantages you’ll get are as follows:

  1. Prize money of $2000 will be sent to the Financial Office of the relevant institution where you can collect it.
  2. Bonuses will be rewarded, and you’ll be given a chance to work with our Empire Toilet team.
  3. You can use the prize money according to your will.

Submitting the content:

Some rules for submitting the content are:

  1. The document should be in MS Word format, first of all.
  2. You’ll be sending the document at this email: [[email protected]]
  3. In the mail, mention your name and your institution name accordingly.


The deadline to submit the essay is March 4, 2021. You’ll be asked to provide the content before the said date. Any other entry won’t be treated if it has passed the submission date.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Empire Toilet holds the rights to the content you submit and can use it accordingly.
  2. No two entries would be accepted. We can easily find out two entities using the IP address. So, don’t be over-smart.
  3. This scholarship is meant for the session 2021 only.
  4. The winner will be contacted directly via our official email address.
  5. The prize money will be exempted from all taxes whatsoever. Protection Status