Toto Vs American Standard Toilets 2022 Feature Comparison

If you are looking for a new toilet but are confused about picking between Toto and American Standard toilets, the article will help you pick the right toilet, matching your bathroom needs. Toto and American Standard are two exceptional toilet brands in the market. Both the brands are manufacturing modern, sleek, and powerful flushing toilets. Choosing between Toto vs American Standard is a difficult task. We did a lot of research to write the article. In this Toto Vs American Standard toilets review article, we have compared the features to help you decide the best toilet for your bathroom.

Our Top Pick Toto  Vs American Standard 

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American Standard Cadet 3 toto vs american standard American Standard Cadet 3

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A Brief History of Toto and American Standard

American Standard was first started in 1875. In 1929 the company merged with American Radiator Company to form American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation. Later in 1967, the company started calling itself American Standard. In 2015 the brand was purchased by Lixil Group. Over 15,000 people are working and generating nearly 2 billion USD per year.  

On the other hand, Toto is a Japanese toilet manufacturing brand. The company began its journey in 1917 and knew for producing Washlets.

Today Toto is one of the largest toilet producers globally, with production plants in nine countries worldwide. The big brand has nearly 35,000 employees with a yearly turnaround of approximately 5.5 billion USD. 

Toto Vs American Standard Toilets

Features Comparison: American Standard VS Toto Toilets



American Standard 

Company Business: Est. 1917 Approx 140 Years.
Focus Only Toilets Bathroom & Kitchen accessories
Flushing System: Most Powerful Powerful
Maintenance Cost: Low Cost High Cost
Issues Less Complain High Complain
Customer Support: Good Excellent
Price: Expensive Reasonable
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty Limited 10-Year Warranty

Toto VS American Standard Toilet Comparison: Which One Is Better To Buy?

Toilet Type

Both the American Standard and Toto offer different toilet types: one-piece, two-piece, Wall-hung, and smart toilets. The brands provide different designs such as elongated shapes, round front, and compact-shaped toilets.
When choosing the toilet, you should consider bathroom space, toilet parts availability, and cleaning ease. Both brands are continually working on manufacturing modern and innovative designs.

Material and Reliability

When buying a toilet, one must know about the material used in toilet construction. Both toilets brands are durable as Toto uses Vitreous China and Ceramic, whereas the American Standard toilets rely on Vitreous China and porcelain material.

When it comes to toilet maintenance and durability, the Toto toilet is far ahead. The Toto’s Sanagloss layers help in toilet cleaning. The Sanagloss creates an advanced layer of glaze that prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes. On the other hand, the American Standard toilet has a layer of EverClean; it prevents stain, odor, and bacteria growth.

Flushing System

The Flushing mechanism is one of the most vital parts of any toilet. When buying a toilet, you should consider a toilet with a powerful flush with the least water consumption. 

American Standard has a range of modern flushing systems VorMax is the most prominent flushing system. It eliminates waste in mere seconds. Being the largest toilet manufacturer, Toto has a range of flushing systems that include, Tornado, Double Cyclone, E-Max, G-Max, and dual-Max. All these are performing flushing systems are superior to American Standard toilets.


American Standard and Toto toilets are super easy to clean. However, the one-piece design is always convenient to clean because of no joints. In contrast, the two-piece toilet design has small nooks an easy hideout for the dust particles. 

For cleaning the Toto toilet, the company strictly discourages the use of strong chemicals and detergents. The use of chemicals can damage the Sanagloss coating of toilets. For cleaning the toilet, use a soft-bristled brush and recommended detergents. 

The EverClean coating of American Standard and Sanagloss coating prevents mold and the growth of bacteria. The extra layer makes cleaning much more manageable. 


Toto and the American Standard are continually churning to design the best toilets that meet the user’s expectations. Toto offers sleek and modern toilets; they offer advanced features such as heated seats, air drying, and a 3D tornado flushing system.

Although American Standard provides modern toilets, they are no match to elegant Toto toilets. Both brands, Toto and American Standard toilets offer comfort height toilets meeting the ADA guidelines. The comfort height makes the toilet easily accessible for people of all ages.

The standard American toilets come in three colors White, Bone, and Linen. At the same time, the Toto has a vast color selection ranging from colonial white, Ebony, Bone, Matte Silver, Sedona Beige, White, and Cotton. In terms of design and innovation, Toto toilets are far better than the American standard toilets.


Being the most prevalent toilet brand, Toto toilets are expensive. If you are willing to spend more cash, then go for Toto toilets. However, If you want to acquire a toilet at an affordable price, American Standard is the best option. The top-rated toilets Toto Drake 2 and American Standard H2 Option have a price difference of 70 dollars.

Warranty and Ease of Installation

Toto offers a 1-year limited warranty when it comes to warranty, whereas the American Standard offers 10 years of warranty. Due to reliability Toto rarely needs a repair, but it’s not the same with the American Standard toilet. 

The toilet installation of both brands is simple; anyone with DIY skills can easily install the toilet. In case you have some issues with toilet installation, use the toilet installation manual.


Toto and American Standard are accredited by different federal agencies ADA (American with Disability Act), EPA, CalGreen are the most prominent certifications. EPA certification ensures the toilet is consuming no more than 1.6 GPF water. Both Toto and American standard toilets offer dual flushing capability; for liquid waste, the toilet uses 1.2 GPF water, and it consumes 1.6 GPF water for eliminating solid waste. The low water consumption makes both brands eco-friendly. Moreover, it helps in reducing the water bill. 

American Standard vs Toto Advance Feature Comparison  


  1. Soft Close Seats: Toto offers a soft-close lid; it is designed with an advanced hinge system that gently lowers the seat. The feature prevents abrupt seat slamming.
  2. Tornado Flushing System: This advanced flushing system makes a 360-degree centrifugal swirling motion. It ensures the waste gets removed in a single flush.
  3. SanaGloss: Also referred to as Cefiontect, the layer gives extra shine and helps prevent the growth of bacteria and mold sticking on the toilet surface. 
  4. Universal Height: Toto toilets has a comfortable height and are compliant with ADA. The comfortable height toilets are suitable for people of all ages.

American Standard

  1. Slow close seat: Like Toto’s Soft-Close seat feature, the slow-close seat gently pushes the toilet seat, preventing the seat from slamming.
  2. EverClean: EverClean is similar to SanaGloss technology; the layer prevents germs’ growth on the toilet surface.

Conclusion: Which is better? Toto Vs American Standard Toilets? 

After an in-depth analysis of both brands, we conclude Toto toilets are far more superior to American Standard. The leading giant offers a range of toilets, from Standard to comfort heigh toilets and advanced toilets. Toto toilets are built with sturdy material, are comfortable, and feature a robust flushing mechanism

However, if you are on a budget and need something, an exceptional American standard toilet is an ideal choice. We hope our Toto vs American Standard toilet comparison helps you in choosing the right brand. Still, the final choice depends on your budget and, the features you need in a toilet.

In our American Standard Vs Toto review, if we have missed comparing any feature, feel free to write in the comment section. We will surely add it.

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