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What are dart boards made of?

Last Updated on February 5, 2022 by Sarah

When playing darts, you should also know what are dart boards made of?. Over the years, the dartboard has undergone many changes. Dartboards have evolved from the throwing game against tree sections to the sleek circular board we see today. Initially, oak dartboards were used by the pub owners. However, the elm boards needed to be soaked to close up the holes punctured into it during regular play. Since this process was slow and messy, people began looking for other alternatives.

Nowadays, sisal fiber is the most commonly used dartboard material. There are other materials, such as plastic, cork, and paper, which serve different purposes. The Sisal fiber dartboard is flexible; it prevents holes from being visible after removing the dart. Additionally, the material proved to be more durable and long-lasting.

Without further delay let’s start about what are dart boards made out of?

Cork Dartboard

Cork is primarily used for producing lightweight and lower-quality boards. In terms of quality and durability, cork dartboards are more like papers. Due to its fast wear out, the cork dartboards are not suitable for heavy play. The Cork dartboards have lost all credibility as serious players and competitive athletes, don’t use them. Consider a cork dartboard only for kids to have fun, or you are short on cash and have a limited budget. These boards are easy to maintain and require little effort.

Paper Dartboard

Other materials used to manufacture dartboards include wound paper; it is used around the world. To form the striking surface of the board, paper sheets are rolled together into coils. The best thing about wound paper dartboards is that they are relatively inexpensive and withstand some hard hits. Due to their lighter nature, winded paper dartboards are not very durable and thus not recommended for serious gameplay.

Sisal Dartboard

what are dart boards made out of

The Sisal is a thick and durable fiber made from the same Agave Sisalana plant used for tequila production. Sisal Fiber, or sisal hemp, is a very versatile fiber used in various industries for making rope, paper, cloth, fabric, and dartboards. The fiber is extracted from the Agave plant using decortication in which leaf skin is removed, leaving only the tough fibers underneath. After drying and brushing, the fibers are woven into yarn. Several reasons make sisal fibers a highly coveted product, including their high availability, versatility, and low cost.

sisal fiber dartboards

The highest quality dartboards are manufactured with sisal fibers, making them the best option for manufacturing “bristle” dartboards. British craftsmen were the first to make sisal boards. To make the board the sisal fibers are twisted into long bundles, then rolled into tubes. After the tubes are cut into thin wafers, they are then pressed into a circular shape. Sanding is required to remove the coarse nature of sisal fibers from the board. Experts and professional dart players widely use the sisal fiber dartboards

Plastic Dartboard

Many excellent dartboards are made from plastic. However, plastic dartboards aren’t suitable for every type of game. In general, electronic dartboards are made from high-grade plastic. The quality plastic dartboards are better than the traditional bristle dartboards. The electronic boards are pre-programmed with scoring variations of Darts games. The electronic boards are also known as modern dartboards and are more expensive than other boards available. The downside is that plastic electronics boards are expensive, and users can only use soft-tipped darts on them.

Things to Consider When Buying DartBoards

Dartboards are manufactured from various materials, so there are many factors to consider when selecting one. For example, the density of sisal fibers or paper coils determines how hard the board is. It will have a significant impact on how well it works.
The overall thickness of the fibers will impact bounce-out rates, which will negatively affect your score. Surface sanding of the bristled board can influence durability and its ability to heal. The thickness of wires used to subdivide boards can impact the game. You will have fewer chances of scoring if your board has thick wire, as it will deflect darts away from the board.

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No matter what material your board is composed of, you must ensure the board is regularly rotated to avoid damage to its surface. We hope the article helps you learn about different types of dartboards and “What are dart boards made of.” If you have any questions, write in the comment section.