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What Color Hardware Looks Best With Oak Cabinets?

Last Updated on March 17, 2022 by Sarah

In kitchens, oak cabinetry has long been a popular choice because it is extremely durable, as well as adding warmth and with rustic appearance. The deep honey oak kitchen cabinet appeals to many people, while others prefer a traditional look.

Due to their solid nature, oak cabinets tend to be quite expensive, making them unlikely to be able to be removed and replaced if you move into a house with an oak kitchen.

If you are updating the look of your oak kitchen or installing new oak cabinets, you’ll have to think about the knobs and hinges that you’ll use with them. We have put together a list of hardware colors that will perfectly complement your oak cabinets. By matching the right hardware, you can improve the look of your kitchen.

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Polished Chrome
  • Black Nickel

Hardware Colors for Oak Cabinets?

What Color Hardware Looks Best With Oak Cabinets?


Oak cabinets look great with black hardware. It is not warm nor a cool shade, but a bold color that looks great next to oak. Black hardware stands out against oak cabinets and may draw attention to the handles. For a modern style, choose matte black or a high gloss finish.


Oak cabinets look great with silver hardware because the cool color provides a nice contrast without being too ostentatious. The silver hardware will give a modern yet classic look.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Black hardware may look assertive, but oil-rubbed bronze achieves a softer appearance. Although oil-rubbed bronze handles may appear black in dark lighting, they actually reveal a shimmering golden appearance when luminescent light is shone upon them.

A brass handle can help make a kitchen with oak cabinets look more substantial and expensive because it looks heavy and solid.

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Polished Chrome

Polished chrome hardware complements oak cabinets beautifully. Like brushed nickel, chrome is softened and coated before plating. Modern aesthetics can be achieved in the kitchen by using polished chrome.

Black Nickel

For an attractive, dark, and unique effect, use black-nickel hardware on the oak cabinets. Nickels are different from regular black because their “sheen” provides a more realistic appearance to the black hue.

It is ideal to cover brass with glossy black for a completed product. The Oak cabinets will look great with dark accents.

Can You Change The Color Of Oak Cabinets?

Most color changes are associated with hardwood or oak stains, which tend to become darker or richer. Choosing cabinets with a golden oak or whitewash finish that can later be changed to walnut, cherry, or espresso color is a wise choice.

You can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your kitchen with even a minor color change. To make the oak cabinets lighter, remove the existing finish.

The stains from solvent-based liquids and gels adhere nicely to etched, cleaned, and scuffed polished surfaces. With just one coat of paint and a few coats of clear varnish, your cabinets will look new.


When choosing the right hardware to update your oak cabinets and make them look modern you should consider various factors. In addition, you must consider the other items in the kitchen to create a cohesive entire look.

You may be able to update your oak cabinets by simply replacing the hardware. Hopefully, this article helped you learn what color hardware looks best with oak cabinets.