Why Are Toilets White?

Have you ever noticed why toilets are white? It is something that crossed my mind, so I decided to find the fact and share it with other people. Toilets are white for several reasons, so let’s get started.

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Toilets are Made from Porcelain

Porcelain is a ceramic material composed of Quartz, Silica, Clay, Kaolin, and other components. It is non-absorbent (rustproof) and durable, making it the right choice to hold water and prevent the toilet from leaking. Almost 95% of toilets are made from porcelain. Before being molded into the toilet or other structures, porcelain is translucent. When heated at a high temperature, it changes to white color. Therefore, most toilets are white in color.

It is possible to make a toilet in different colors if you put pigment before the porcelain dried in the oven. In contrast, white-colored toilets are easy to manufacture and cheaper than colored toilets. 

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Why Toilets Are Always White: Importance of Color


According to color theory, hue has a significant impact on our emotions. The white color is generally associated with purity and safety. When we see white, our perceptions drive us to think that thing is clean. The same rule applies to toilets; the white color convinces people that the toilet is neat and clean. 

Even though the bright colors also give positive feelings, they don’t give a sense of freshness and cleanliness as white color does.

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The white color creates a sense of space because a white color does not attract attention; it tends to blend with its surroundings. White color can make a room appear bigger than it is. A white toilet gives the impression that the bathroom is bigger than in actuality. If you have a small bathroom, paint it a white color, you will feel spacier. The white-colored toilets have a classic look and match all the bathroom decor. 

Why Are Toilets White

White Exposes Dirt Easily

A Toilet is vulnerable to dirt and bacteria, causing bad odor and health issues. So, If you take your family health seriously, it is important to clean the toilet regularly. With white color, it is easy to see dirt and stains. The dirty toilet makes you clean and maintains the toilet hygiene.

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The white toilet in the bathroom gives a sleek and modern look and improves the overall bathroom aesthetic. Houses with modern and clean look bathrooms tend to sell at a higher price. So if you are planning to sell your house, install the white color toilet, it will help you. 

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Toilets are generally white because color has a significant impact on human life. The toilets are manufactured using porcelain for improving the toilet lifespan. The stains and dirt are prominent on the white color toilet; This makes us clean the toilet, thus maintaining the overall hygiene.  

Instead of buying a colored toilet, it would be best to choose a white color toilet since they are easy to maintain with many other benefits. Still, if you prefer buying another color toilet, share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section. We hope our article about “Why is toilets white” helps in knowing the basic reasons.

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